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Joe Eversole On James Hamblin

Curt, Talking with you (and Brian) has assuaged my grief a lot. It made me remember so much. One more here: Drinking with Jim could be very challenging. I remember a chess séance where finally everyone had passed out when Erik Anderson gets up for some water and says as he's lying back down "It feels like somebody broke me over the eyes with a pipe." Jim knew he had some good friends, but a few in high winds and heavy seas. As Donna says, "we'll miss him".

Damian Nash On Steve Dieckhoff

Steve was a regular fixture in Colorado tournaments from the 1980s through the time of his death in 2008.  A friendly, humble, scholarly, physically fit and amusing man, he lived life enthusiastically as a carpenter, painter, chess player, philosopher and rock climber.  He died of cancer at age 56.  Steve became an expert-level chess player and a GM-level rock climber.  He put up some climbing routes that no one was ever able to climb again.  He published cartoons to protest the trend of placing permanent bolts on popular climbing routes.  Steve wrote a climbing book called Serious Play: An Annotated Guide to Traditional
Front Range Classics (rated 5.2-5.9)

Tim Brennan On Chai Neuhaus

Chai Neuhaus, an active chess player from Boulder Colorado, recently passed away...

I did not know Chai very well, but we did play some USCF rated correspondence games together.  He was always very courteous, and seemed like a great guy.  His handle was “Still Sky”, which reflected his spiritual nature...

Ginny Gaige, another chess player from Boulder, posted:

“Chai was diagnosed with Leukemia a month ago, endured a week of chemo, which wiped him out, entered BCH a few days later, developed pneumonia, and passed away last Saturday, May 5th at 5:30 PM. There was a gathering at Chautauqua of his friends the next day, Sunday, for a reading of his poetry, and there will be a memorial on May 19th at the Silver Sage Cohousing”...

Brian Wall On Chai Neuhaus

Chai Neuhaus was a Boulder, CO Chessplayer. I played him a few times at the
Boulder Chessclub and watched him play Ginny Gaige a few times. He was a deep person.

Chai Neuhaus poems

Tim Brennan On La Moyne Splichal

La Moyne was a long time club manager of the Denver Chess club. He was the very first chess player that I met when I started playing in Colorado.

I remember that he greeted me as a newcomer with a smile, and welcomed me.

Later as I got more involved with the Denver chess club, I would assist La Moyne with tournament directing, and organizing events. I would often go over to his apartment at the end of the month, and help him submit the rating reports, and also download the latest rating supplements into the SwissSys pairing software.

You never knew what La Moyne was going to be like over the board.  He could be brilliant, and could also blunder.  Here is a tactic from one of his games...

Josh Smith On La Moyne Splichal

La Moyne Splichal was a friendly face on the Colorado chess scene. I remember a timid man who's handshake you would never fear. His demeanor was kind and handwriting neat and precise. I was sad to hear of his passing...

I put my babies to bed last night and spent the next few hours rummaging through hundreds of old score sheets in search of a better La Moyne tactic. I discovered that we had done battle no less than 5 times, the 1st in in October of 1996, where we created more comedic errors than brilliancies.

A year later I was nearly 400 points stronger and I played a daring positional rook sacrifice (cough) but La Moyne found the only move that won - still not the brilliant tactic I was searching for.

 The search continues for the La Moyne Splichal's best tactical shot. David Bowers (2045) was his highest rated draw and Patrick Ramsey (1952) was his highest rated win according to the USCF website. Does anyone else have an impressive La Moyne victory? 

Jeffrey Baffo On La Moyne Splichal

He was a gentleman and a friend.   If you describe someone as "good people" and you know what that truly means, then you know that L.S. embodied all of that meaning.  God rest his soul!

DuWayne Langseth On La Moyne Splichal

That's really, really sad to hear. LaMoyne was one of the nicest
people you'll ever meet. What a gentle, helpful, dedicated friend,
chess player and tournament director. I've known him since I was a
teenager in North Dakota where we were both from. He would always
inform me of the latest in ND chess, since I haven't played there
in decades. He had plenty of friends there and kept in contact
with them.

I've missed seeing him for a couple of years, and have asked
around occasionally to see if anyone knew what he was up to, but
I don't get to Denver to play that often. I wonder if the North
Dakota players (Mike Sailer, Ron Schauer, and others) know he
passed on.

He really will be missed and remembered.

Rest in peace, and God bless you buddy.

Virgil McGuire Tribute

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