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Name:  Paul Anderson
Phone: 719-459-9612
Ages: All
Type:  Individual or Group
Location:  Colorado Springs or Skype
Payment:  Cash, Check, or Online through PayPal
  • 20 years of tournament chess experience
  • USCF Certified Tournament Director since 2015
  • 57 First Place finishes in USCF rated tournaments
  • Broke the expert level (USCF regular rating: 2002) on my 500th tournament game
  • Authored over 300 newsletters for Colorado Springs Chess News and over a 30 articles for the Colorado Chess Informant
  • 2004 T-shirt design contest winner for club
  • 2010, 2016 Jim Burden Award Contest Winner
  • 2010, 2013 Colorado Springs City Chess Champion
  • 2012-2015 Colorado Springs Chess Club Officer
  • 2016, 2018 Colorado Springs City Speed Chess Champion
  • 2016-2018 Colorado Springs Chess Club President

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Chess Wish List

  • Raise up next generation of OTB chess players (put Colorado over 1000 recent USCF members)
  • Revitalize Colorado Springs Chess Club (Est 1947, host to city championship since 1965)
  • Find 4 groups to participate in Petrie's After-School Chess Challenge
  • Bring a team to a state event
  • Bring a team to a national event
  • Host a chess camp (Victor, CO)