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Chess Parables


A 30 minute instructional DVD produced by Colorado Springs Chess News.  Paul Anderson is your guide on this journey to discover the spiritual truths hidden in the chess pieces.  This DVD includes six 5 minute lessons on the basics of piece movement and strategy.  You will learn:

  • How the King relates to Peace
  • How the Pawn relates to Meekness
  • How the Rook relates to Patience
  • How the Bishop relates to Faithfulness
  • How the Knight relates to Joy
  • How the Queen relates to Self-Control

Matthew Anderson animates each piece's spiritual quality with state of the art, blender graphics highlighting Linda Anderson's inspirational Scripture reading that drive home the amazing spiritual lessons to be gained from a simple game of chess. 

500 Game Database

This collection of games covers the beginning of my chess career until I made expert on my 500th game.  See the meteoric rise for only a penny a game as a ChessBase archive (.cbv) file sent right to your email inbox.

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