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Owen Nomore

Posted by Paul Anderson on August 13, 2020 at 4:25 PM

Game Of The Week

This week's game comes from the Colorado Springs Chess Club's event:  CSCC Recurring Miss Rapid Online (4SS, G/10+10).  It was played by Paul Anderson and Andy Rea.

I was happy to win this game because Andy has always had my number. 

When you play an opponent 4 times or more and can't even get a draw once, I call you an Owen.  It seems like a humorous way to describe an opponent who is just a bad match-up for you.  It is like they own you.  See, it kind of sounds like Owen.

However, it really came from the knock, knock joke:

Winner:  Knock, knock?

Loser:  Who's there?

Winner:  Owen

Loser:  Owen who?

Winner:  Owen Four!

Well, I am an Owen to Andy;  Owen Seven to be exact.  We played seven times when he was in Colorado and I lost all seven.  He is tied with Renard Anderson as my worst Owen match-up.

However, since it was just a humorous way to look at some chess stats, I didn't work out all the details.  For example, all seven of my losses to Andy were in standard-rated USCF games.  Now that my first win is from a Rapid, online event, can I really claim to be off the Owen list?

Well, I am taking it.  Mainly because, when I used to tell Mike Smith that he was Owen Six, he would say, "I did beat you in that rapid game!"

So, when I got this Mate In 5 against Andy, I just said to him:

Paul:  Knock, knock?

Andy:  Who's there?

Paul:  Owen

Andy:  Owen who?

Paul:  Owen Nomore!

White to move

See the diagram and answer here:

Owen Nomore

[Event "CSCC Recurring Miss Online"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2020.08.09"]

[Round "4.2"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "Rea, Andy"]

[Result "1-0"]

[ECO "A00"]

[WhiteElo "1649"]

[BlackElo "1639"]

[PlyCount "57"]

[EventDate "2020.08.09"]

[TimeControl "600+10"]

1. f3 g6 2. e4 Bg7 3. Ne2 d5 4. exd5 Qxd5 5. Nbc3 Qd8 6. d3 Nf6 7. Be3 Nc6 8.

Qd2 h5 9. g3 Nd5 10. Nxd5 Qxd5 11. Bg2 Bxb2 12. Rb1 Bg7 13. O-O Qd7 14. f4 Nd4

15. Bxb7 Nxe2+ 16. Qxe2 Bxb7 17. Rxb7 O-O 18. Rfb1 Bd4 19. Qf2 Bb6 20. Qf3 Qa4

21. Bxb6 axb6 22. Rxc7 Qxa2 23. Rxb6 Qa1+ 24. Kg2 Ra2 25. Qe2 e6 26. Rbc6 Qc1

27. Rxe6 Ra1 28. Rxg6+ fxg6 29. Qe6+ 1-0

This Week In Chess

On August 9th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held the CSCC Recurring Miss Rapid Online event (4SS, G/10+10).

Place, CSCC Recurring Miss (4SS, G/10+10), Score

1 "#1 NM BrianWall (1974)" 3.5

2 "#2 Termenoil (1918)" 3.5

3 "#3 cschessnews (1649)" 3.0

4 "#4 jfoxhoot (1547)" 2.5

5 "#5 outie5000 (1657)" 2.5

6 "#5 Czechmate1972 (1586)" 2.5

7 "#5 DFSStar (2019)" 2.5

8 "#8 JJ7X (1753)" 2.0

9 "#9 dzhierkiev64 (1639)" 2.0

10 "#10 KingVed (1472)" 1.0

11 "#11 linuxguy1 (1471)" 1.0

12 "#11 alaynew (1340)" 1.0

13 "- tristancruz (1035)" 1.0

14 "#13 Navajo36us80917 (1151)" 1.0

15 "#13 SHerman2 (1024)" 1.0

16 "- Aeqetes (1288)" 0.0

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