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The Knights Are Better Here!


Requited Queen

Posted by Paul Anderson on May 3, 2020 at 2:50 AM

Game Of The Week


This week's game comes from the August Swiss 90 (4SS, G/90+30) at the Colorado Springs Chess Club.  It was a battle from long-time foes, Will Wolf and Chris Motley, or as LM Brian Wall calls them Wilf and Diet Wilf.  They have faced each other 21 times in the past year and 44 times in total. 

Most of their battles come from blitz where long thinks about solid, opening theory and sound, positional structures are foreign.  They prefer crazy openings and wild sacrifices.  If any game should make it into the middle game in an equal position, their heads will explode if they don't sacrifice something immediately.

So, when they met in a slow game, I was curious to see what was going to happen.  It was no shock to find out they both finished with more time on their clocks, and they had both hung their Queens.  It was as if they both were trying to win LM Brian Wall's award for dropping your Queen but still winning the game.


"The Queen is a fighting piece. Sacrifice it!"

Chris Motley


After seeing Will's opening, I was not surprised he lost.  I think he confused the Swiss tournament with a thematic event that employed a Swiss Cheese defense for his King protection.  However, after looking over the game, I was stunned that he had chances and was even better.  Maybe there is a method to his madness.


"Pawns are the bane of chess."

Will Wolf


White to move


See diagram and answer here:


Requited Queen


[Event "August Swiss 90"] 

[Site ""]

[Date "2019.08.27"]

[Round "4.2"]

[White "Wolf, Will"]

[Black "Motley, Chris"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "C33"]

[WhiteElo "1300"]

[BlackElo "1750"]

[PlyCount "32"]

[EventDate "2019.08.06"]

[TimeControl "5400+30"]


1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Kf2 Qh4+ 4. g3 fxg3+ 5.

Kg2 gxh2 6. Rxh2 Qxe4+ 7. Nf3 d5 8. Nc3 Qg4+ 9. Kh1 Bd6 10.

Rh4 h5 11. Bh3 g5 12. Bxg4 Bxg4 13. Qe2+ Kd8 14. Nxg5 Bxe2 15. Nxf7+ Kd7 16.

Nxd6 Bf3+ 0-1


This Week In Chess


On April 26th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held the CSCC Corona, No Lime Rapid Online event (4SS, G/15+10).


Place, Player, Score


1 "#1NMBrianWall (1919)" 4.0

2 "#2Alf8892 (1654)" 3.0

3 "#3linuxguy1 (1615)" 3.0

4 "#4msmcgough (1426)" 2.5

5 "#5aelvr (1408)" 2.0

6 "#6cschessnews (1655)" 2.0

7 "#7KingVed (1470)" 1.5

8 "#8CosmicNovaGalaxy (1271)" 1.5

9 "#9jfoxhoot (1524)" 1.0

10 "#10liencam2 (1268)" 1.0

11 "#11MoustachioMario (1060)" 1.0

12 "#12DuWayneL (1217)" 0.5

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