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Guys In Costumes

Posted by Paul Anderson on April 14, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Game Of The Week

By Tim Brennan

There is a YUGE event this week that millions of people around the world have been looking forward to for years!  No, not the final season of Game of Thrones!  I'm talking about the 15th year of Tim Brennan Week in the Colorado Springs Chess Club Newsletter!

Thanks Paul for inviting me back for the 15th year!  I'm honored!  Kudos to Paul for keeping his newsletter going for this long as well!  That is a great accomplishment!

Although I do not play as much chess as I used to, chess is always in my heart.

I got to spend some time with Paul this past summer at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, which is always a good time. As usual, we were dressed as monks, and played the public for one dollar a game.  If we win, we keep the dollar.   If they win, they get a prize.  Our goal is always to give out zero prizes!

My funniest story from this past year was a guy who came up to me, and confidently said something to me like, "I hope you are ready to lose," in a thick Russian accent (like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV).   I smiled and then proceeded to checkmate him in about 8-10 moves, using about one second per move.  He was shocked!  He said, "I thought you were just guys in costumes!"  :lol:

Right now, I am excited about the upcoming Denver Open!  It takes place April 26-28 at the Embassy Suites in the Denver Tech Center.   Full details here:

Brian Wall and the Denver Chess Club have been recruiting strong players from all over the country to attend this tournament. Here are some of the strong players who have registered already:

  1. 14958890 2635 CORRALES JIMENEZ
  2. 12077910 2584 ALEXANDER FISHBEIN
  3. 13215196 2583 ANDREW TANG
  4. 15229287 2562 ANDREY GOROVETS
  5. 12442362 2543 JESSE KRAAI
  6. 16083805 2520 PRASANNA RAGH RAO
  7. 12659833 2489 DANIEL M RENSCH
  8. 12851435 2462 TATEV ABRAHAMYAN
  9. 12445752 2443 DEAN IPPOLITO
  10. 12426279 2410 DAVID VIGORITO
  11. 12563733 2332 LIOR CHAIM LAPID
  12. 10373638 2292 JOHN L WATSON

Wow!  I think that is really exciting!  This will be the strongest tournament in Colorado since the Edward Levy tournaments in the early aughts. I'm signed up, and ready to go!

One other thing I am excited about these days is a new interactive online Tactics Time chess course that just came out on the website The funny thing is:  I had no idea that this was in the works!

Someone sent me an email last month asking about one of the positions that was in the this course, because he was one of the beta-testers.  I wrote back that I had no clue what he was talking about.   He got me in touch with the creator of the site, and I discovered that this was all legitimate, and New in Chess had set the whole thing up.  The course just came out recently.  You may have seen the ad for it in the April 2019 issue of the Colorado Chess Informant.

I think it is really cool.  The whole thing is based on "spaced repetition."  Similar to using "flash cards."  I am really impressed with chessable in general, and it is worth checking out!  You can checkout the new online Tactics Time course here:

Below is one of my favorite games. It comes from the Millionaire Chess 2 tournament, which was held at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.   I had an amazing time at the tournament.  Joel Johnson published this game in one of his Attacking books (which are highly recommended!).

Thanks again Paul for all of your hard work!

Hope to see everyone at the Denver Open! 

Your Friend,


White to move

See the diagram and answer here:

Guys In Costumes

[Event "Millionaire Chess Open 2"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2015.10.10"]

[Round "6"]

[White "Brennan, Tim"]

[Black "Aregbeyen, Aigboje"]

[Result "1-0"]

[ECO "B07"]

[WhiteElo "1800"]

[BlackElo "1944"]

[PlyCount "35"]

1. e4 d6 2. Nc3 g6 3. f4 Bg7 4. Bc4 Nd7 5. Nf3 e6 6. d3 a6 7. a4 Ne7 8. O-O O-O

9. Qe1 b6 10. Qh4 h6 11. f5 exf5 12. Bxh6 fxe4 13. Bxg7 Kxg7 14. Ng5 Nf6 15.

Rxf6 Nf5 16. Rxf7+ Rxf7 17. Qh7+ Kf6 18. Ncxe4+ 1-0

This Week In Chess

On April 9th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club finished the Cabin Fever Reliever event (4SS, G/45; d/10).

Standings. Cabin Fever Reliever

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot Prize

1 Mitchell Anderson 1970 W8 W4 W3 L2 3.0 $28.00 1st

2 Christophe Motley 1582 W10 L3 W6 W1 3.0 $28.00 1st + $5.00 GOW

3 Aleksand Bozhenov 1980 W9 W2 L1 D4 2.5

4 Mark McGough 1822 W7 L1 W9 D3 2.5

5 Ayush Vispute 1307 H--- U--- W7 W9 2.5 $14.00 U1450

6 Grayson Ed Harris 1471 W11 L9 L2 W10 2.0

7 Clinton Eads 1301 L4 W10 L5 D8 1.5

8 William Leo Wolf 1303 L1 W11 U--- D7 1.5

9 Dean W Brown 1421 L3 W6 L4 L5 1.0

10 Earle Macenulty 1118 L2 L7 X11 L6 1.0

11 Colum Ashlin unr. L6 L8 F10 U--- 0.0

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