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Bobby's Twin, Part II

Posted by Paul Anderson on June 17, 2010 at 10:00 PM

Game Of The Week


My Father's Day tradition is to publish a chess game where my dad beats me.  I have collected all of them into a category on the website ( and included this year's edition below:


2004 The Miracle On Wood

2005 Lessons From Dad

2006 More Lessons From Dad

2007 Lessons From Dad, Part III

2008 Bobby's Twin

2009 The Sesquicenchessial

2010 Bobby's Twin, Part II


Last quarter, I published a game where I beat my dad in an email game ( Well, I thought it was only fair to turn the tables for this issue.

Since the encounter in the January Informant, the battle has gone back and forth. I won 2 more, and he has won 2 more. Actually, we are still in the midst of his last victory, as I am saving my resignation for his birthday present. It seemed appropriate to me as his birthday has some chess significance.


There are several pieces of historical trivia that have stuck with me. The reason they have stuck with me is because the events in question have coincided with the birthdays of my family members.

For example, I know on what day and month President Abraham Lincoln died. Do you?

I know on what day and month the Titanic sank. Can you get that one?

I know on what day and month income taxes are due. Ok, that is an easy one. How do I know?

Well, they all coincide with my birthday. It makes for kind of a depressing day. I like to think I broke the string of bad luck.

Anyway, I also know some notable birthdays too. My grandfather was born on the exact same day as President Kennedy, and of course, the most important coincidence is that my dad was born on the exact same day as Bobby Fischer.


Having the same birthday as, arguably, the greatest American chess player has seemed to give my dad an air of invincibility around March 9th. We have played 52 games together, and seven of them have finished in the month of March.

On March 7th, 1997 I lost. We have drawn on the 10th (2000), the 5th (2001), and the 9th (2003). I won on March 3rd, but that was my only March win. The final two were losses I decided to think of as birthday gifts (2006 and 2010).

So, my grand tally for games ending in March is 1 win, 3 draws, and 3 losses. It kind of feels like I am playing Bobby’s twin!


Anderson,Paul - Anderson,Douglas

21–15–16 Email, 09.03.2010


1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e4 e5 4.d5 Bd7 5.Bxc4 Bd6 6.Ne2 h6 7.Nbc3 Nf6 8.f3 Qe7 9.0–0 Bc8 10.a3 b6 11.Kh1 Nbd7 12.Nb5 Bb7 13.Nxd6+ cxd6 14.Be3 0–0 15.Qd2 Nh7


I was pretty happy with the opening. I have the bishop pair, more space, and, possibly, an attack building up on the castled king. What could possibly go wrong?


16.Ng3 Qf6 17.Rac1 Rac8 18.Bb5 Nc5 19.b4??


Well, I could get speculative. There is a proverb that goes:

“He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.”

Proverbs 28:19 KJV

I am not sure which conman talked me into this move, but my delusions of grandeur quickly turned my cow into a handful of magic beans. These beans were supposed to give me control of the open file, a safe king, and minor pieces that could swoop in and open the door for the b or d pawn to find the goose that laid the golden egg. 19.Qd1 a6 20.Bc6 looks like a better way to plow the field.


19...Nb3 20.Rxc8 Nxd2 21.Rxf8+ Kxf8 22.Bxd2 Qd8 23.Rc1 f6 24.Bc6 Bc8


Now my invasion is not making the progress for which I had hoped, but I am undaunted. I am going to keep marching forward and find a way through. Perhaps, leaving a retreat option for my bishop would have left him with some more options than just a couple of pointless moves. Then I could still march on with a4 and trying to set loose my b pawn (25.a4 g5 26.Be3 Ke7 27.Ra1).


25.b5 Ng5 26.a4 Nf7 27.Ba8 g6 28.Rc4 Kg7 29.Bc6 h5


I am beginning to flounder without a clear plan. I was hoping that getting through his defenses was going to be easier. However, I am beginning to think that I am going to need the help of the knight if I am going to sacrifice a piece in my queen side break through.


30.Ne2 g5 31.Be3 f5 32.Nc3 f4 33.Bg1 g4


I am starting to worry about the speed of my plan now. I don’t think I put as much thought into how quickly his pieces are going to flow to my king when these pawns start to collapse. This is an area where I often make mistakes: counter-attack. I get a little too focused on my own plan and stop assessing his plan. However, I am feeling like it is a little too late to shut the back door now. I decide to defend with the rook and hope the minor pieces can create something before he does.


34.fxg4 hxg4 35.a5 g3 36.Na4 Nh6 37.Rc2 Ng4 38.Bxb6


Well, it is desperation time. I am just hoping that I can hold off mate before his birthday rolls around.


38...axb6 39.h3 Ne3 40.Rb2 Qh4 41.Kg1 Bxh3 42.Re2 Bg4 0–1


Happy Birthday Dad!

I guess I should have paid more attention to your advice when I asked you how your chess improved:

“I got better by taking more time on my moves and playing better defense, which means I look more carefully at what attacks you may have and try to defend against them early before you have 2 attacks and I only have 1 move to defend. I also try to keep my pieces well defended to prevent any surprises. I used to be able to get away with taking chances and being more aggressive and count on you making a weak move if I got into trouble. But now if I get into trouble it seems you are very good at maintaining your advantage to a win. Only after I feel a defensive move is not necessary and I have a free move, do I look for a good offensive move. That seems to get me at least a draw instead of a loss. Even if I feel I have a slight advantage, I try to make sure I hang on to the draw rather than trying something risky for a win” (Douglas Anderson).


Bobby's Twin, Part II


[Event "21-15-16"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2010.03.09"]

[Round "?"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "Anderson, Douglas"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "D20"]

[PlyCount "82"]

[EventDate "2009.08.27"]


1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. e4 e5 4. d5 Bd7 5. Bxc4 Bd6 6. Ne2 h6 7. Nbc3 Nf6 8. f3

Qe7 9. O-O Bc8 10. a3 b6 11. Kh1 Nbd7 12. Nb5 Bb7 13. Nxd6+ cxd6 14. Be3 O-O

15. Qd2 Nh7 16. Ng3 Qf6 17. Rac1 Rac8 18. Bb5 Nc5 19. b4 Nb3 20. Rxc8 Nxd2 21.

Rxf8+ Kxf8 22. Bxd2 Qd8 23. Rc1 f6 24. Bc6 Bc8 25. b5 Ng5 26. a4 Nf7 27. Ba8 g6

28. Rc4 Kg7 29. Bc6 h5 30. Ne2 g5 31. Be3 f5 32. Nc3 f4 33. Bg1 g4 34. fxg4

hxg4 35. a5 g3 36. Na4 Nh6 37. Rc2 Ng4 38. Bxb6 axb6 39. h3 Ne3 40. Rb2 Qh4 41.

Kg1 Bxh3 0-1


This Week In Chess


On June 15th, the CSCC had 8 members in attendance. Half of the players joined the final round of the USCF-rated June Mating Game tournament (3RR, G30).  All I needed was a draw to secure 1st place, so I played it safe and waited for Jeff to offer the draw or flag on time.  He decided not to make the draw offer:


Score, Player, Place, Prize:


3.0 Paul Anderson, 1st, $12

2.0 Buck Buchanan, 2nd, $5

1.0 Jeff Fox

0.0 Dean Brown


June Panera Bread Thursday

By Dean Brown


Round 3 results:


Kurt Kondracki over Dean Brown

Gene Lucas over Jerry Maier

Kumar Tedla over Paul Sample

Sai Tedla over Justin Leo


Right Move Public Chess Club

By David Meliti


Holding the black pieces against Mark McGough, Jason Loving opted for the French Defense and came up with the victory in round 3 of the USCF June 2010 Swiss this past Thursday evening. Also noteworthy, David Meliti played a successful Petrov Defense against Brian Rountree which turned out to be a very double-edged and tactical event for sure. Standings after 3 rounds show David and Jason in a tie for first place with 2.5 points followed close behind by Brian Rountree with 2.0 points. Round 4 (the final round of the month) will be played this Thursday evening June 24th with prizes to be awarded at the conclusion of the event.


After 3 rounds played in the club's "Informal" June 2010 Swiss, Henry Blandon & Paul Covington are tied for the lead with 2.5 points each (Paul took a bye this past Thursday evening) followed close behind by Anthea Carson, Isaac Martinez & Justin Zeek with 1.5 points. Henry Blandon was able to secure a win over David Flaks on the white side of the board in an unusual king's pawn game beginning with the moves e4, Nc6 (the Nimzowitsch Defence) while Anthea Carson opted for the Barry Attack and came up with a victory against Gil Garrison who played a Kings Indian style defense.


Round 3 results for all players this past Thursday June 17th are as follows:


Brian Rountree................0-1..................David Meliti (USCF)

Mark McGough.................0-1..................Jason Loving (USCF)

Peter Swan.....................1-0..................Jay Shuler (USCF)

Henry Blandon................1-0...................David Flaks (Informal)

Anthea Carson................1-0..................Gil Garrison (Informal)

Melody Kirkwood.............0-1..................Isaac Martinez (Informal)


Byes: Paul Covington, Travis Bradley and Justin Zeek (Informal)

Small Group Chess Lessons Off-Site(Mondays)


This past Monday night June 21st the club had a lengthy adult class session beginning at 6:30pm since the next childrens class doesn't begin for a few more weeks. Paul Covington covered the following topics in this past Monday's class: middle game strategy attack on f7 as white, the Fried Liver Attack, when and when not to trade down pieces and finding strong outposts for your pieces. Next Monday June 28th will be the final class and graduation of the adult students. Paul Covington and David Meliti will put on a simul for the students.


June 28, 2010:::: Small Group Adults Class: 6:30 -8:00pm Graduation (The Last Class)

Planned activity: simultaneous exhibition / question & answer


Small Group Childrens Class Graduated June 7th - Next Class Begins Soon !!!

Tentatively planned start date will be sometime in July 2010.


Club Calendar (Thursdays at First United Methodist Church Dowtown)


June 24, 2010:: Casual Play: 6:00 - 9:30pm

Tournament Style Play: 7:00 - 9:30pm (Final Rounds/Prizes)

USCF RATED Tournament: 4-SS G/75 June 2010 Swiss Rd 4 of 4

Informal Club-Rated Event: 4-SS G/75 June 2010 Swiss Rd 4 of 4


July 1, 2010::: Casual Play: 6:00 - 9:30pm

Tournament Style Play: 7:00 - 9:30pm

USCF RATED Tournament: 5-SS G/75 July 2010 Swiss Rd 1 of 5

Informal Club-Rated Event: 5-SS G/75 July 2010 Swiss Rd 1 of 5


July 08, 2010:: Casual Play: 6:00 - 9:30pm

Tournament Style Play: 7:00 - 9:30pm

USCF RATED Tournament: 5-SS G/75 July 2010 Swiss Rd 2 of 5

Informal Club-Rated Event: 5-SS G/75 July 2010 Swiss Rd 2 of 5


Other Club Announcements


Just a reminder, Saturday July 10th and Sunday July 11th representatives of the club will set up a chess display at the Sunflower Market. We will hand out club flyers, give on-site chess lessons, play casual chess and just introduce the shoppers to the game of chess and it's many benefits. Club members are encouraged to come out and play chess while promoting the club.


RMPCC 2010 Summer Quads, A Saturday Summer Chess Series, (Less than 2 weeks away from tourney #1 !!! )


3RR. G/60, Regular and Quick Chess Rated , Sudden death in 60 minutes, Groups of 4 by rating, USCF rated, USCF membership required. Right Move Public Chess Club, First United Methodist Church, 420 North Nevada Avenue, Classroom #234, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. The church is on Nevada Avenue between Boulder and St Vrain in downtown Colorado Springs. EF: $10 if received 3 days prior to event, $15 on event day. $35 to first in each quad. Registration: 10-10:30 a.m. Rounds: 10:45-1:00-3:00 p.m. If the total number of entries is not divisible by four, the lowest 5 - 7 players will play a 3-round swiss. Because this tournament is in a "Quads" format, byes are not allowed and withdrawals are strongly discouraged. USCF 5th edition rules will be in effect for all quad tournaments. Digital clocks will be set to G/55 td/5. Unrated players will be placed in the lower quad or section and will be eligible for prizes. USCF membership may be obtained at playing site. Send pre-registrations to: Right Move Public Chess Club, P.O. Box 246, Colorado Springs, CO 80901, Checks payable to Right Move Public Chess Club. Info: [email protected], 719- 484-9467.


July 3, 2010, Tournament #1 (USCF RATED)

July 24, 2010, Tournament #2 (USCF RATED)

August 28, 2010, Tournament #3 (USCF RATED)


Happy Chess Playing !!!

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