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Mr. Chess

Posted by Paul Anderson on May 23, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Game Of The Week


This week's game comes from Dean Brown.  It was the 24th time Dean and I have faced in rated play.  The contest is usually decisive with Dean getting 5 wins and me gettting 17.  That leaves only 2 draws. 

The first was in 2000, and now 10 years later, we have drawn again. 

A lot has changed since that time.  Back then Dean was 1384 and I was 1505.  Now, Dean is 1576 and I am 1897. 

While I have pulled ahead in rating over the years, Dean has piled up the wins.  Back then, Dean was just over 100 regular wins.  Now he has past the 500 wins milestone!  I just played 500 games last summer, getting over 300 wins. 

The reason that Dean has so many more wins than I do is because he is Mr. Chess in Colorado, playing in over 500 events and directing over 200 since 1996.


Dean Brown's Milestones


Date, Milestone

1997-01-19 4th Category Title

1997-04-12 25 Regular Rated Wins

1998-02-28 50 Regular Rated Wins

1999-08-22 100 Regular Rated Wins

2000-08-20 3rd Category Title

2000-11-05 25 Quick/Dual Rated Wins

2002-11-10 50 Quick/Dual Rated Wins

2002-12-20 250 Regular Rated Wins

2005-01-22 100 Quick/Dual Rated Wins

2007-12-02 500 Regular Rated Wins


Mr. Chess



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[Event "May Swiss"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2010.05.18"]

[Round "3.3"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "Brown, Dean"]

[Result "1/2-1/2"]

[ECO "E11"]

[PlyCount "105"]

[EventDate "2010.05.18"]

[TimeControl "1800"]


1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ 4. Bd2 Qe7 5. e3 Ne4

6. Bd3 Nxd2 7. Nbxd2 c5 8. O-O cxd4 9. exd4 Bxd2 10. Qxd2 d6 11. Rfe1 b6 12.

Re3 Bb7 13. Rae1 Nd7 14. Bb1 Bxf3 15. Rxf3 Nf6 16. Qg5 O-O 17. Rh3 (17. Bxh7+

Kxh7 18. Qh4+ Kg8 19. Rh3 Nh5 20. Qxe7) 17... g6 18. Ree3 Rfe8 19. Ref3 Nd7 20.

Qh6 f5 21. Rfg3 Qg7 22. Qd2 Nf6 23. f4 Re7 24. a4 Rc8 25. b3 d5 26. Rc3 Ne4 27.

Bxe4 dxe4 28. d5 exd5 29. Qxd5+ Qf7 30. Qxf7+ Rxf7 31. Kf2 Re7 32. Rhe3 Rd8 33.

b4 Red7 34. c5 bxc5 35. bxc5 Rd4 36. c6 Rxa4 37. c7 Ra2+ 38. Re2 Rxe2+ 39. Kxe2

Rc8 40. Ke3 Kf7 41. g4 Ke7 42. gxf5 gxf5 43. Rc5 Kd6 44. Rxf5 Rxc7 45. Kxe4

Re7+ 46. Kd4 Ke6 47. Ra5 Rd7+ 48. Ke4 Kf6 49. Ra6+ Kf7 50. h4 Re7+ 51. Kf5 Kg7

52. Kg5 Rf7 53. f5 1/2-1/2

This Week In Chess


On May 18th, the CSCC had 10 members in attendance.  Most players joined the USCF-rated tournament (3SS, G30). David Meliti and Jeff Fox never faced each other but ended up tied for the top spot. Here are the results:


Score, Player:


2.5 David Meliti

2.5 Jeff Fox

2.0 Buck Buchanan

1.0 Omar Al-Mutlaq

0.5 Paul Anderson

0.5 Dean Brown

0.0 Lee Oats


May Panera Bread Thursday

By Dean Brown 


Round 3 Results:


Rhett Langseth over Anthea Carson

Kurt Kondracki over Zach Chase

Gene Lucas over Spencer Shook

Pret Bram over Justin Leo

Zach Umana over Jerry Maier

Chandler Meinders over Keith Suder

Cody Meinders, Cynthia Langseth forfiet wins. Cody and Cynthia drew an extra game


Right Move Public Chess Club

by David Meliti


Mark McGough & Joe Pahk now share the lead with 2.5 points, only a point ahead of Richard Buchanan after 3 rounds played in the USCF Thursday night G/75 May 2010 Swiss. It promises to be a close finish in the race for first place. Here are the results of round 3 played last Thursday May 20th at the club:


Mark McGough.............1/2-1/2.............Richard Buchanan

David Meliti.....................1-0.................Alejandro Torres

Omar Al-Mutlaq...............1-0.................Peter Swan

Byes: Joe Pahk


The Kings Indian Defense was certainly fashionable and the opening of choice among many of the players in round 3 of both the USCF rated and informal club tournaments played this past Thursday at the club. Gil used this opening to unleash a series of aggressive tactical maneuvers with 2 fianchettoed bishops and some menacing knights making an all-out effort to win the game against Travis Bradley. The informal club tourney has seen some rather exciting and tense games as of late and here are the results of last week's round 3:


Henry Blandon...............0-1................Paul Covington

Travis Bradley................0-1................Gil Garrison

Leah Katz......................1-0................Jay Shuler

Byes: Ty Winkler, Michael Voight & David Flaks


Coming Up: Final rounds for both tourneys Thursday May 27th. Prizes to be awarded at the conclusion of the USCF tourney this Thursday.


Small Group Chess Lessons Off-Site (Mondays)


This past Monday night May 17th the children studied King and pawn end games. A key chess endgame involves the two kings (of course!) and one pawn. The children learned the concept of opposition in chess and also learned more about pawn promotion ideas. Also this past Monday Paul Covington continued his series on proper attack building and preparation utilizing one of the games played at the US Chess Championships being held currently in Saint Louis.


Next Session: May 24, 2010

Small Group Childrens Class: 6:00 -7:00pm (Lesson #

Principles of chess from the World Chess Championship 2010

Small Group Adult Class: 7:00 -8:00pm (Lesson #

How to build an attack with proper preparation, legitimate threats and combos (Part 4)


Club Calendar (Thursdays at First United Methodist Church Dowtown)


May 27, 2010::: Casual Play: 6:00 - 9:30pm

Tournament Style Play: 7:00 - 9:30pm (FINAL ROUNDS)

USCF RATED Tournament: 4-SS G/75 May 2010 Swiss Rd 4 of 4

Informal Club-Rated Event::: 4-SS G/75 May 2010 Swiss Rd 4 of 4


June 3, 2010::: Casual Play: 6:00 - 9:30pm

Tournament Style Play: 7:00 - 9:30pm

USCF RATED Tournament: 4-SS G/75 May 2010 Swiss Rd 1 of 4

Informal Club-Rated Event: 4-SS G/75 May 2010 Swiss Rd 1 of 4


Upcoming USCF Rated Weekend Saturday Chess Tournaments


July 3, 2010 RMPCC 2010 Summer Quads, A Saturday Summer Chess Series #1

July 24, 2010 RMPCC 2010 Summer Quads, A Saturday Summer Chess Series #2

August 28, 2010 RMPCC 2010 Summer Quads, A Saturday Summer Chess Series #3


Other Club Announcements


There will be no group chess lessons on Monday Memorial Day May 31st !!! Small group chess lessons continue with lesson 8 on May 24th before the holiday break. Lessons will then resume after the Memorial Day holiday break. The club plans on graduating the children within the next couple of weeks after a comprehensive review.


Happy Chess Playing !

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