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Opening Ceremony

Posted by Paul Anderson on March 31, 2010 at 9:10 PM

Game Of The Week

This week's game comes from the 1st round of the April Panera tournament.  I tried out the Panera tournament for the first time in March.  I didn't do as well as I thought I should, but I still won some money.  So, I am back for more. 

This time I was paired with another scholastic player in the first round, Pret Bram.  I usually don't see a lot of these kids, as the tournaments I play in have an open section and a reserve section and their ratings are low enough to play reserve. 

However, I am finding out that some of these kids play well above their ratings.  I think the scholastic tournaments will sometimes keep their ratings artificially low as they can't win as many rating points from their victories as they would playing regular tournaments.  Then they switch over and make these massive rating jumps. 

In any case, I was not going to take Pret lightly.  When he played a4, I even began to think he was reading my newsletter and saw my last round game in March.  Sometimes I worry that by writing this newsletter and publishing so many of my games, everyone will be on to me, and I will never win another game of chess.  But it hasn't come to that just yet. 

Anyway, I thought I was doing better in the opening, but Pret kept finding good moves.  I had about a 10 minute advantage when he played 24. Bh6, and I just felt I should take some time here to find the right moves.  I used about 25 minutes on the next 3 moves to get myself the win. 

I had fallen behind in time by now and rushed my 4th move.  I never even looked at 27...Qf3 which would have kept the attack going, but it was good enough to keep the win.  Overall, I thought it was a good opening start for April, but hopefully, I can learn to take the time I need even when I am behind on the clock.

Opening Ceremony

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[Event "April Panera"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2010.04.01"]

[Round "1.3"]

[White "Bram, Pret"]

[Black "Anderson, Paul"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "B06"]

[WhiteElo "1190"]

[BlackElo "1949"]

[PlyCount "88"]

[EventDate "2010.04.01"]

[TimeControl "5400"]


1. e4 c6 2. Nf3 g6 3. d4 Bg7 4. Nc3 d6 5. a4 Nf6 6.

Bc4 O-O 7. O-O d5 8. exd5 cxd5 9. Bd3 Nc6 10. Bf4 Bg4 11. Be3 Nb4 12. Be2 Ne4

13. h3 Bxf3 14. Bxf3 f5 15. g3 Rc8 16. Rb1 a5 17. Re1 Qc7 18. Nxe4 dxe4 19. c3

exf3 20. cxb4 axb4 21. Qxf3 Qc6 22. Qd1 Qd5 23. Qd2 b3 24. Bh6 Rc2 25. Qf4 Bxd4

26. Rf1 e5 27. Qg5 Re8 28. Rbd1 Bxf2+ 29. Rxf2 Qxd1+ 30. Kg2 Qd5+ 31. Kg1 Qc5

32. Qe3 Qxe3 33. Bxe3 Rec8 34. Bb6 Rxf2 35. Bxf2 Rc2 36. Kf1 Rxb2 37. Ke1 Rxf2

38. Kxf2 b2 39. g4 b1=Q 40. Kf3 Qd3+ 41. Kf2 f4 42. h4 e4 43. h5 Qd2+ 44. Kf1

f3 0-1

This Week In Chess


On March 30th, the CSCC had 9 members in attendance. Most of the group played in the quick-rated, Swiss tournament (3SS, G20) and tied for 1st place too!  Here are the results:


Score, Player


2.0 Richard Buchanan

2.0 Paul Anderson

2.0 David Meliti 

2.0 Jeff Fox

1.0 Alex Torres

0.0 Dean Brown


Right Move Public Chess Club

By David Meliti


On April 1st, the club held it's very first USCF rated competition. In addition eight players also competed in "club rated" quads. This was a very busy and active night for the club, which had it's best attendance yet ( 20 players ).


After 2 of 4 rounds were played in the USCF G/30 Swiss Bout this past Thursday, Anthony Telinbacco & Mark McGough were undefeated with perfect 2-0 scores. We have 2 more rounds remaining in the Swiss Bout to be played at the next Thursday club meeting on April 8th. At the completion of round 4, prizes will be awarded for 1st & 2nd place plus a class prize (U1600) will be awarded.


Two newcomers to the club won both club rated quads this past Thursday. With perfect 3-0 scores, Dierrick Davis won Quad #1 and Donald Smith was the winner of Quad #2. Not bad for their first time at club !!!


Other players participated in informal "friendly" games of chess this past Thursday as well.


New club format beginning !!! Yes, based on your feedback we will be gradually moving away from action chess & quick chess to month-long ongoing G/75 rated & unrated tournaments where one "quality" game will be played each Thursday night for the entirety of the month. At the end of the month prizes will be awarded and then a new tournament will begin the following month. So, one game will be played each Thursday night until the tourney is completed on the last Thursday of the month. We have implemented a new start time for the tourneys which will now begin at 7pm. Registration and check-in for the organized events will be 6:00 - 6:55pm. Clocks will start at 7pm sharp !!! Please make note of the changes to the club calendar & events on our club website ( ).


Just a reminder, we begin our club group chess lessons this Monday April 5th at Compleat Hobbies & Games in downtown Colorado Springs (Tejon just North of Platte). Childrens group lessons will begin at 6pm followed by teen/adult lessons at 7pm. The adult chess lessons will be taught by local chess expert Paul Covington.


Have a great week and happy chess playing !!!


Springs Fundaiser Results

By Buck Buchanan


Score, Player


3.0 Jeremiah Haynes

3.0 Ted Doykos

3.0 Julian Evans

3.0 Anthea Carson

3.0 Richard Buchanan

3.0 Gordon Randall

2.5 Jeff Baffo

2.0 Dean Brown

2.0 Jose Llacza

2.0 Keith Wyman

2.0 Kenneth MacRae

2.0 Isaac Martinez

2.0 Gene Lucas

2.0 Ginny Gaige

1.5 Tom Mullikin

1.0 Alexander Freeman

1.0 Gary Frenzel

1.0 Jerry Maier

0.5 Kathy Schneider

0.0 Betty Baffo

CSCC Quarterly Schedule

By Buck Buchanan


April – June 2010


The Colorado Springs Chess Club meets Tuesday evenings in the downstairs Game Room of the Acacia Apartments Building at 104 E. Platte, just north of Acacia Park.  The building opens about 6:30 PM.  Most activities begin registration about 7:30, with play starting at 8:00.  On most evenings, club ladder games are also available, including USCF-rated G/90 games.  For more information call Buck at 685-1984 or e-mail [email protected] .


Players should arrive no later than 8:00 to get into the building.


In addition to Tuesday evenings, club members are gathering for chess at these times:

Wednesdays: East Coast Deli, 24 S Tejon.  Rated tourney, G/90, 1 game a night., games start 6:00 PM.

Thursdays, Panera Bread, 7344 N Academy.  Rated tourney, G/90, 1 game a night, starts 6:00PM.

Thursdays, Right Moves Chess Club, 1st United UMC, 420 N Nevada. Rm 234 , 6-9:30 PM

3rd Saturday of month (4/17, 5/15, 6/19) Agia Sophia coffee house, 2902 W Colorado, 8:00 PM.




                6              Speed tournament

                13            Rated Quick chess tournament         

                20            Quad: rated sections G/30, non-rated G/20

                27            Players’ Choice



                4              Speed tournament

                11            Rated Quick Chess tournament

                18            Quad: rated section G/30, non-rated G/20

                25            Players’ Choice

May 29-31: Territory Days Festival.  Play in our booth in Bancroft Park.  Dress “Western.” See Buck.



                1              Speed tournament

                8              June Mating Game tournament: 4-SS, G/30, USCF rated, $5 entry fee

                15            June Mating Game continues.

June 19-20, Manitou Springs Masonic Lodge: Southern Colorado Open.  6-SS, G/90. Register with Dean.

                22            Rated Quick Chess tournament

                29            Players’ Choice

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