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The Third Time Is The Charm

Posted by Paul Anderson on March 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Game Of The Week

This week's game come from the Tuesday night USCF, quick-rated, Swiss event.  I had already beaten Dean Brown and survived a horrible position against Jeff Fox.  Usually, that means I will be playing Buck Buchanan in the final round. 

However, this night we had a visitor from New Mexico, NM Ron Kensek.  Ron was in town on business and had the night free.  He hadn't played tournament chess in a couple of years and was willing to shake off the dust.  He was so eager to face the best of Colorado Springs, he even paid for Alex Torres' tournament membership. 

However, he got paired with me instead.  I think both David Meliti and Gordon Randall gave Ron a tough game, so that he was already weakened for our match.  I have only faced 2 other players above 2300:  GM Dashzegve Sharavdorj and LM James McCarty.  I lost both of those games, but I guess the third time is the charm.

The Third Time Is The Charm

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[Event "CSCC Quick Swiss"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2010.03.09"]

[Round "3.1"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "Kensek, Ron"]

[Result "1/2-1/2"]

[ECO "A62"]

[WhiteElo "1910"]

[BlackElo "2304"]

[PlyCount "114"]

[EventDate "2010.03.09"]

[TimeControl "900"] 

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 e6 4. Nc3 exd5 5. cxd5 d6 6.

Nf3 g6 7. g3 Bg7 8. Bg2 O-O 9. O-O a6 10. a4 Re8 11. Re1 Qc7 12. Qc2 Nbd7 13.

h3 Rb8 14. a5 b5 15. axb6 Rxb6 16. e4 Rb4 17. Ra4 Nb6 18. Ra2 Nfd7 19. Bd2 Nc4

20. Na4 Nxd2 21. Nxd2 Nb6 22. Nxb6 Qxb6 23. Nc4 Qc7 24. b3 f5 25. Kh2 fxe4 26.

Rxe4 Rf8 27. Re2 Bd4 28. f4 Qb8 29. Ra3 g5 30. fxg5 Bf5 31. Be4 Bxe4 32. Qxe4

Rxb3 33. Rxb3 Qxb3 34. Qe6+ Kh8 35. Nxd6 Qf3 36. Qe4 Bg1+ 37. Kxg1 Qxg3+ 38.

Rg2 Qxd6 39. Qe6 Qxe6 40. dxe6 Re8 41. Re2 Kg7 42. Re5 c4 43. Kf2 Kf8 44. Ke3

Ke7 45. Kd4 Kd6 46. Ra5 Kxe6 47. Rxa6+ Kf5 48. Ra5+ Kf4 49. Kxc4 Re7 50. Rd5

Kg3 51. Kd4 Kxh3 52. Re5 Rf7 53. Ke4 Kg4 54. Rd5 Re7+ 55. Kd3 Kf4 56. Rc5 Kf3

57. Kd4 Kf4 1/2-1/2

This Week In Chess


On March 9th, the CSCC had 9 members in attendance. Most of the group played in a USCF quick rated, Swiss tournament (3SS, G15). The out-of-town guest, NM Ron Kensek, went unbeaten to tie for first with myself. Here are the results:


Score, Player


2.5 Ron Kensek

2.5 Paul Anderson

2.0 David Meliti

1.5 Jeff Fox

1.5 Gordon Randall

1.0 Buck Buchanan

1.0 Alex Torres

0.0 Dean Brown

March Panera Thursday

By Dean Brown


2nd Round, 1st Panera Bread Thursday:


Tim Duesing over Paul Anderson

Buck Buchanan over Anthea Carson

Brian Rountree over Robert Isacoff

Kurt Kondracki over Jose Llacza

Zack Chase over Nick Isacoff

Cody Meinders over Tyler Chase

Rebecca Isacoff over Chandler Meinders

Tara Martinez forfeit win over Gene Lucas

Tony Telinbacco, Mark McGough, and Dean Brown = byes

Dean Brown over Tara Martinez in an extra game


Right Move Public Chess Club

By David Meliti


The first meeting of the chess club occurred Thursday March 11th attracting many enthusiastic chess players. The outlook for the club is very promising if our first club meeting is any indication. We have created a photo gallery on the club website highlighting this memorable and enjoyable first night of the club. For those of you who were not able to make this first meeting, just click on "club photos" for a virtual tour of this past Thursday's event. The website address is

The main event of the evening was a non-rated Quick Chess Quad Tournament with a time control of Game/15. We had two quads. The winner of Quad #1 (the top quad) was Alejandro Torres going undefeated with a perfect 3-0 score !!! Peter Swan had a perfect score as well winning Quad #2. As of late, Alejandro has been playing very solid chess. His game is on the uptick. He credits his improved performance with his book study. We also had plenty of informal 'friendly' games of chess this evening including "air attack" chess. You will have to come to club to find out more about this one. One of our members developed a modified version of the game consisting of basically two chess boards (a second level is added up above the main board). Air combat was introduced in World War I. Since then, air combat has become a very important part of military strategy. Chess has always been an infantry strategy game. So at our first club meeting players were introduced to a chess game called Air Attack Chess. This chess game gives each contestant an opportunity to have an air attack and an infantry attack at the same time in the same game. A photo of this set is on display in our photo gallery.

For those of you who like chess at a slower pace, we will be having a swiss Game/30 event with multiple sections next week (depending on interest of course). Have a great week!!!

Pikes Peak Open Tournament Announcement

By Jerry Maier

Pikes Peak Open, August 7-8, 20105 round Swiss system tournament.

Time Control: Rounds 1-3 40/90 and G/1; Rounds 4-5 40/2 and G/1

Site: Manitou Springs City Hall, 606 Manitou Ave.

Sections: One Open Section

Entry fee: $35; Sr, Jr, Unr $27; Pre-registration entry fee: $30; Sr, Jr, Unr $22 which must be paid at the time of pre-registration.

Prizes: Cash prizes based on entry fees will be distributed at the conclusion of the event

Registration: 8:30-9:30. Rounds on Sat. Aug. 7th: 10, 2:30, 7:00. Rounds on Sun. Aug 8th: 9:00 and 3:00.

Entries: Jerry Maier

Phone: 719-660-5531

E-mail: [email protected]

Two (2) requested ½ point byes are allowed for the tournament. Byes must be requested prior to start of Rd 3 (Sat. 7:00 PM), and are irrevocable.

Send pre-registrations with checks payable to Jerry Maier, 229 Hargrove Court, Colorado Springs CO 80919-2213. Pre-registrations must be received and paid in full by August 5th in order to qualify for the reduced entry fee


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