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Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:50 PM

Game Of The Week


Last week, I wrote about the first game Brian Wall gave me from the CSCC April Swiss tournament. This week I am writing about the second one. But it is a first in one aspect; it is the first game I have published that does not have me playing in it.  Yes, I can hear you all cheering wildly. Enjoy it while you can, but don’t get too excited as I don’t have very many games coming in yet from other players so we may be back to my games soon enough.

Anyway, after I lost my game to Brian, he was more than happy to show me where I went wrong. Actually, he was ecstatic, but since he was filling in an extra score sheet for me, I was more than happy to listen. He was quite proud of all his games, but he really wanted to show me his win against Robert Kohler.

So, I wrote it down. Brian was telling me how he humiliated Robert so badly that Robert fled the tournament in the 2nd round. Actually, I found out Robert had finals, but if I have learned anything about the problem with Masters, it is this: Grandmasters know it all, but Masters just act like it.

Anyway, Brian said he got this opening from Inn Sohn, and it is called the Elephant. And since it was such a cute, little elephant, I thought I would share it:



[Event "CSCC Swiss"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2004.04.20"]

[Round "2.1"]

[White "Kohler, Robert"]

[Black "Wall, Brian"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "C40"]

[WhiteElo "1559"]

[BlackElo "2239"]

[PlyCount "20"]

[EventDate "2004.04.20"]


1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d5 3. exd5 e4 4. Bb5+ c6 5. dxc6 bxc6 6. Ba4 exf3 7. Qxf3 Qe7+

8. Kd1 Qc7 9. Nc3 Nf6 10. d3 Bg4 0-1


This Week In Chess


Monday May 03, 2004


On 4/27, the CSCC had 21 members in attendance for the ladder games. Of course, several people opted for the USCF-rated match play (G90). Those games included a victory by Shaun MacMillan over Richard Cordovano, a fine performance by Jeff Gilchrist to topple Dean Brown, a solid win by Allan Ufer over John McIntyre, and a draw by Dan Southard and Gerry Sunderland. In the club-rated ladder games (G15), it was Robert Kohler crushing Paul Anderson 1.5-0.5, Glenn Miller handing it to Virgil McGuire 1.5-0.5, Sam Meyer taking apart Devin Smith 2.0-0.0, Bill Mee destroying Frank Shotwell 2.0-0.0, George Raikas breaking even against David Ward 1.0-1.0, Renae Delaware schooling Kathy Schneider 2.0-0.0, Mike Jozwiak pummeling Gary Frenzel 2.0-1.0, Chris McCarty deciding nothing against Chris Wynkoop 1.0-1.0, George Raikas inflicting more pain on Gary Frenzel 2.0-0.0, Renae Delaware getting a lesson from Devin Smith 0.0-2.0, Glenn Miller not showing any mercy against Sam Meyer 2.0-0.0, Virgil McGuire giving out what he got to David Ward 1.5-0.5, Bill Mee not making a dent against George Raikas 1.0-1.0, Chris McCarty refusing to budge against Gary Frenzel 1.0-1.0, and finally, David Ward bringing down the curtain on Bill Mee 2.0-0.0. Then, in the second round,…




Upcoming Events

5/3 Kids’ Chess Club, Borders

5/4 Speed Tournament, CSCC

5/11 Thematic Event, Part 1, CSCC

5/18 Thematic Event, Part 2, CSCC

5/1-5/2 Boulder Open, CSCA

5/15 Denker Fundraiser, CSCA

6/12-6/13 Southern Colorado Open, CSCA




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