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For The Good Times

Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:35 PM

Game Of The Week


This week’s game came to me by email from Brian Wall. Renae hasn’t yet figured out how to send games in pgn notation, but she was willing to have this game published as it occurred before the dark times.

You see, Renae had just broken the 1500 barrier in Minnesota and had 3.5 out of 4 points in the Southern Colorado Open going into the 5th round. She was tied for the lead in the reserve section and had a good shot at the money.

However, sometimes things don’t go like we plan. She told me she doesn’t remember anything that happened after that point, but now she is 1460 with no extra money in her pocket. Well, I couldn’t help notice that I was in a similar position at one time.

Back in 2000, it was the Southern Colorado Open that knocked me under 1500 too. So, I thought that as a fellow victim of the Southern Colorado Curse, I could do my part to encourage Renae at this time.

After all, I have already published two of her losses this year. So, here is a look back at one of the good times when the good moves were as numerous as the stars in the sky. And here is hoping the good memories will carry you through the ups and downs that is chess life.


For The Good Times

[Event "Southern Colorado Open"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2005.06.12"]

[Round "4.1"]

[White "Nelson, Derek"]

[Black "Delaware, Renae"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "A05"]

[WhiteElo "1218"]

[BlackElo "1526"]

[PlyCount "114"]

[EventDate "2005.06.11"]


1. Nf3 Nf6 2. b3 g6 3. Bb2 Bg7 4. d3 O-O 5. Nbd2 d6 6. c4 e5 7. g3 Nc6 8. Bg2

Nh5 9. Rb1 f5 10. e3 Nb4 11. Nh4 Nxd3+ 12. Kf1 f4 13. exf4 exf4 14. Bd5+ Kh8

15. Bxg7+ Kxg7 16. Ndf3 Ne5 17. Rg1 Nxf3 18. Nxf3 Bh3+ 19. Ke1 Qe7+ 20. Kd2

fxg3 21. fxg3 c6 22. Re1 Qf6 23. Be4 Bg4 24. Rf1 Bxf3 25. Rxf3 Qd4+ 26. Bd3

Rxf3 27. Qxf3 Rf8 28. Qe4 Rf2+ 29. Kd1 Qxe4 30. Bxe4 Rxh2 31. a4 Nxg3 32. Bf3

Kf6 33. Rc1 Nf5 34. Rc3 Ke5 35. Be2 h5 36. b4 g5 37. Kd2 Nd4 38. Re3+ Kf4 39.

Kd3 Rxe2 40. Rxe2 Nxe2 41. Kxe2 Kg3 42. Kf1 Kh2 43. c5 d5 44. Ke2 g4 45. b5 g3

46. bxc6 bxc6 47. Kd3 g2 48. Kc3 g1=Q 49. Kb4 Qe1+ 50. Kb3 Kg2 51. a5 Kf2 52.

a6 Ke3 53. Ka4 Kd3 54. Ka3 Kc3 55. Ka2 Qd2+ 56. Ka3 Qb2+ 57. Ka4 Qb4# 0-1


This Week In Chess

Tuesday July 12, 2005


On July 5, the CSCC had 15 members in attendance. In the USCF-rated games (G90), Tom Mullikin manhandled Tom Rosado, and Joe Pahk pounded Mike Davis in their first game, but Mike Davis demolished Joe Pahk in the second game.

The rest of the group played in a double, round robin, speed tournament (G5). Here are the final results:





Paul Anderson



Shaun MacMillan



Jeff Fox



Richard Cordovano



Gary Frenzel



Jeff Brewer



Virgil McGuire



Kathy Schneider



Chris McCarty



Brian Blackwell



New Comments from the Guest Book


Scott Massey, Pueblo, July 12th:

I just wanted to let you know that chess is happening again in Pueblo. So far still pretty informal, but progressing. We meet three nights a week, Mon 6-close at Barnes and Noble, Tues and Thurs at Wire Works Coffeehouse 6-close. I enjoy your newsletter. Thanks Scott


David Merritt, CS, July 11th:

Im a Soldier assigned to Ft Carson. I just returned from IRAQ and im looking for a local club to rekindle an old Habit. LOL I have not been rated in years do you know of some local clubs, locations / days. Where i could sharpen my skills?


Old Comments from the Guest Book


Krista Weidler, Detroit MI, February 24th:

Your site rocks! Check out mine at Thanks!


Upcoming Events


7/12 Swiss Tournament (G15), CSCC

7/19 Ladder Games, CSCC

7/23 Denker Fundraiser, DCC

7/23-24 Rocky Mt. Championships, CSCA

7/30-31 Summer Fun, DCC

8/6-7 Pikes Peak Open, CSCA


Colorado Springs Chess Club: CSCC

Denver Chess Club: DCC

Colorado State Chess Association: CSCA

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