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All Tim, All The Time!

Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Game Of The Week


This week's game comes from a loyal reader, Tim Brennan. He used to be the editor of the Colorado Chess Informant. I guess, being the editor for a while, he understands the loneliness of the chess news publisher.

He often sends me comments back letting me know what he enjoyed about the newsletter. Usually, his comments come back shortly after I send out the email, so you can tell that not only is he reading the newsletter, but also he reads it right away.

But for the most part, the main responses I get back are computer-generated replies. I can tell when people are not reading the newsletter because they are either out of the office or haven't checked their email in a while and have exceeded their storage limit.

So, you start to wonder if anyone is reading this thing. Sometimes it feels like I am writing this thing just for Tim. I start asking myself, "Would Tim like this comment?" or, "What game would Tim want to see?" I think if this newsletter was a radio station, our motto would be "All Tim, All The Time!" and it would sound something like this:

"Another cool newsletter :-) I went to Reno this past weekend to play in the Far West open...I won 4 games and drew 2, going undefeated, and winning first place in the B section. I got a cool plaque, and 400 dollars. I gained about 60 rating points, which will shoot me into the "A" class, after being stuck in "B" for a long time! Sweet! Now I just need to work on my "club rating" which is like 1450 or something pathetic! Almost 400 points lower than my USCF! Here are all of my games from the Reno tournament this past weekend. I think that the one against Michael Rocke is kind of interesting. I did a kingside pawn storm, followed by exchange sac to totally open up the king side."


All Tim, All The Time!


[Event "Far West Open"]

[Site "Reno, NV"]

[Date "2006.04.08"]

[Round "3"]

[White "Brennan, Tim"]

[Black "Rocke, Michael"]

[Result "1-0"]

[ECO "A45"]

[WhiteElo "1774"]

[BlackElo "1712"]

[PlyCount "51"]

[EventDate "2006.04.07"]


1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 Ne4 3. Bf4 d5 4. Nd2 Bf5 5. e3 Nd7 6. Bd3 Ndf6 7. Ngf3 e6 8.

Ne5 Be7 9. Qe2 O-O 10. g4 Bg6 11. h4 h6 12. g5 Bh5 13. f3 Nd7 14. Nxe4 dxe4 15.

Bxe4 Nxe5 16. Bxe5 hxg5 17. hxg5 g6 18. Rxh5 gxh5 19. Qh2 f5 20. gxf6 Bxf6 21.

Qxh5 Rf7 22. O-O-O Bxe5 23. Qxe5 Qf6 24. Rg1+ Kf8 25. Qh5 c6 26. Rg6 1-0


This Week In Chess

Tuesday April 18, 2006


On April 11, the CSCC had 23 members in attendance. In the USCF-rated ladder games (G90), Josh Bloomer blew by Tom Mullikin, and Jerry Maier made short work of Kathy Schneider.

The rest of the participants were paired into teams for the tandem tournament (4SS, G15). Each member of the team alternates making each move without any consultation between partners. Here are the results:


Team Score


Renae Delaware/Larry Conforti 3.0 

Paul Anderson/David Light 3.0 

Dean Brown/Joe Pahk 3.0 

Chris McCarty/Virgil McGuire 2.0 

Carl Jack*/Mike Voight 1.0 

Paul Christensen/Gary Frenzel 0.0



*Bill Whinemiller (Rd 4)  


Colorado Springs Open Games

By Richard Buchanan


Hi guys. Below is a selection of games from the Colorado Springs Open in March:


Thao Le - Dan Avery, French


1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Nf3 Bd6 5.Be2 Ne7 6.Bg5 f6 7.Bc1 c6 8.0-0 0-0 9.Re1 Bg4 10.Nbd2 Nd7 11.c3 Rc8 12.Qb3 Qc7 13.Ne4 Bf4 14.Bxf4 Qxf4 15.Nfd2 Bxe2 16.Rxe2 Rf7 17.Ng3 Qc7 18.Rae1 Ng6 19.Qa3 b6 20.Nf5 c5 21.Nf3 Nb8 22.Qb3 Qd7 23.Qc2 Nc6 24.Re6 cxd4 25.N3xd4 Nxd4 26.Nxd4 Re7 27.Qf5 Rxe6 28.Qxe6+ Qxe6 29.Rxe6 Ne5 30.Re7 Nc6 31.Nxc6 Rxc6 32.Kf1 (32 Rxa7, d4) 32...a5 33.Ke2 d4 34.Kd3 dxc3 35.bxc3 Kf8 36.Re4 Kf7 37.a4 f5 38.Rc4 Re6 39.Rf4 g6 40.h4 Rc6 41.c4 Kf6 42.Rd4 h6 43.f4 Re6 44.Rd5 Ke7 45.Rb5 Rc6 46.Kd4 Ke6 47.Re5+ Kf6 48.Kd5? Rc5+ 49.Kd4 Rxe5 50.fxe5+ Ke6 51.g3 g5 52.hxg5 hxg5 53.g4 fxg4 54.Ke4 g3 55.Kf3 Kxe5 56.Kxg3 Kd4 57.Kg4 Kxc4 58.Kf3 Kb4 0-1


Art Glassman - Fred Eric Spell, King's Gambit Declined


1.Nc3 Nf6 2.e4 d6 3.f4 e5 4.Nf3 Bg4 5.Bc4 Nxe4 6.fxe5 Nxc3 7.dxc3 h6 8.0-0 Nc6 9.exd6 Bxd6 10.Bxf7+ Kf8 11.Bd5 Ke8 12.Qd3 Bc5+ 13.Kh1 Qd6 14.Qe4+ Kd8 15.Bf4 Qd7 16.Bxc6 Qxc6 17.Qd3+ Bd7 18.Ne5 Qe6 19.Rad1 Bd6 20.Nxd7 Kxd7 21.Qb5+ Kc8 22.Bxd6 cxd6 23.Rfe1 Qd7 24.Qc4+ Kb8 25.Re6 Re8 26.Rdxd6 Rxe6 27.Qxe6 Qxe6 28.Rxe6 b6 29.Re8+ Kb7 30.Rxa8 Kxa8 31.g4 Kb7 32.Kg2 Kc7 33.Kf3 Kd6 34.Ke4 Ke6 35.c4 Kf6 36.h4 g6 37.b4 a6 38.c5 bxc5 39.bxc5 Ke7 40.Ke5 Kd7 41.Kf6 1-0


Daniel Gonzales - DuWayne Langseth, King Fianchetto


1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 e6 3.Bg2 d5 4.d3 Be7 5.Nbd2 0-0 6.0-0 Nbd7 7.Re1 e5 8.e3 c5 9.c3 Re8 10.e4 d4 11.c4 Bd6 12.a3 a5 13.Nh4 g6 14.Bh3 Nf8 15.Bxc8 Qxc8 16.Ndf3 Nh5 17.Bd2 Ng7 18.Bh6 a4 19.Qc1 Qd7 20.Qg5 Qe7 21.Qxe7 Rxe7 22.Bg5 Ree8 23.Nd2 Nge6 24.Bh6 Nd7 25.b3 Nf6 26.f3 Kh8 27.Nf1 g5 28.Nf5 Bc7 29.h4 g4 30.Nh2 gxf3 31.Nxf3 Ng4 32.bxa4 Rxa4 33.Reb1 b6 34.Ng5 Nxh6 35.Nxh6 Nxg5 36.hxg5 Kg7 37.Rf1 Rf8 38.Rf6? Bd8 39.Rf5 Bxg5 40.Rxg5+ Kxh6 41.Rxe5 Rfa8 42.Rb1 R8a6 43.Re7 Rxa3 44.Rxf7 Rxd3 45.Rf6+ Kg7 46.Rbxb6 Rxb6 47.Rxb6 Rxg3+ 48.Kf2 Rc3 49.e5 Kf7 50.Rb7+ Ke6 51.Rxh7 Kxe5 52.Rh5+ Kd6 53.Ke2 Rxc4 54.Kd3 Rc3+ 55.Ke4 Re3+ 56.Kf4 Kc6 57.Rh8 Kb5 58.Rb8+ Kc4 59.Rc8 Re7 60.Kf3 d3 0-1


Anthea Carson - Mike Filppu, Petrov (Cochrane Gambit)


1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nxf7 Kxf7 5.Bc4+ d5 6.exd5 Bd6 7.0-0 Re8 8.d4 Bxh2+?! 9.Kxh2 Ng4+ 10.Kg1 Kg8 11.Bf4 Kh8 12.Nc3 c6 13.Qf3 cxd5 14.Nxd5 Nc6 15.c3 Rf8 16.Nc7 Nce5 17.dxe5 Qxc7 18.Qd5 Bd7 19.Bg3 Bc6 20.Qd6 Qb6 21.Bb3 Rad8 22.Qe6 h5 23.Qg6 Be8 24.Qxb6 axb6 25.Rad1 Bc6 26.Rxd8 Rxd8 27.Rd1 Re8 28.e6 Kh7 29.Bh4 Kh6 30.Rd6 Kh7 31.e7 Nf6 32.Bc2+ Be4 33.Bxe4+ Nxe4 34.Rd8 Nf6 35.Bxf6 1-0


Mark Krowczyk - Renard Anderson, King's Indian


1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 Nbd7 7.e5 Ne8 8.Bf4 c6 9.Qd2 dxe5 10.dxe5 Qa5 11.Ne4 Qxd2+ 12.Nexd2 Nc7 13.0-0 Ne6 14.Bg3 a5 15.Rad1 a4 16.Ne4 Ra5 17.b4 axb3 18.axb3 Ra3 19.b4 Rb3 20.Rb1 Rxb1 21.Rxb1 b6 22.c5 b5 23.Ra1 Nb8 24.Ra7 Re8 25.Neg5 Nxg5 26.Nxg5 Na6 27.e6 f6 28.Nf3 Nxb4 29.Rc7 Bxe6 30.Nd4 Bd5 31.Bf3 e5 32.Nxc6 e4 33.Ne7+ Rxe7 34.Rxe7 exf3 35.Re8+ Kf7 36.Rb8 Bc6 37.gxf3 Bf8 38.Bd6 Bxd6 39.cxd6 Ke6 40.Rd8 Bd7 41.Rh8 Kxd6 42.Rxh7 Nd5 43.Kf1 b4 44.Ke2 b3 45.Kd2 Kc6 46.Kc1 Be6 47.Rh4 Kb5 48.Kb2 Nb6 49.Ka3 Kc5 50.Rf4 Nd5 51.Re4 Bf5 52.Ra4 Bc2 53.Ra5+ Kd4 54.Kb2 Nb6 55.Rb5 Nc4+ 56.Kc1 Kc3 0-1


Randy Canney - Paul Anderson, Caro-Kann


1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 Bf5 4.Nc3 e6 5.g4 Bg6 6.Nge2 f6 7.h4 Be7 8.h5 Bf7 9.Bf4 Nd7 10.Qd2 Qb6 11.0-0-0 0-0-0 12.Bh3 fxe5 13.dxe5 Kb8 14.Bg3 Ka8 15.f4 Nh6 16.Nd4 Nc5 17.Qe2 g6 18.hxg6 hxg6 19.Bg2 Qa6 20.Qxa6 Nxa6 21.Bf3 c5 22.Ndb5 Be8 23.Nd6 Nc7 24.f5 gxf5 25.gxf5 Rf8 26.f6 Bxd6 27.exd6 Rxf6 28.dxc7 Rc8 29.Be5 1-0


Jim Hamblin - Larry Wutt, Sicilian


1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 g6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nb3 Nf6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be2 0-0 8.0-0 d6 9.Bg5 Ne8 10.Qd2 Be6 11.f4 f5 12.exf5 Qb6+ 13.Kh1 gxf5 14.Rf3 Nf6 15.Rg3 Kh8 16.Qe1 Bf7 17.Rh3 Bxb3 18.axb3 e6 19.Qh4 Rf7 20.Bh5 Raf8 21.Bg6 h5 22.Bxf6 1-0


Tom Mullikin - Renae Delaware, Pirc


1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.e4 d6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.e5 dxe5 6.Nxe5 0-0 7.Bc4 Be6 8.Bxe6 fxe6 9.Be3 Nd5 10.0-0 Nxe3 11.fxe3 Bxe5 12.dxe5 Qxd1 13.Raxd1 Rxf1+ 14.Rxf1 Nc6 15.Nb5 Rc8 16.Nd4 Nxd4 17.exd4 c5 18.Rd1 cxd4 19.Rxd4 Rxc2 20.Rd7 Rxb2 21.Rxe7 Rb6 22.a4 h5 23.h4 Kf8 24.Rc7 Rb4 25.g3 Rxa4 26.Rxb7 a5 27.Ra7 Ra1+ 28.Kf2 a4 29.Kf3 a3 30.Kf4 a2 31.Kg5 Rg1 32.Ra8+ Ke7 33.Ra7+ Kd8 34.Rxa2 Rxg3+ 35.Kf4 Rg4+ 36.Ke3 Rxh4 37.Ra7 g5 38.Rg7 Rh3+ 39.Kf2 g4 40.Rh7 Ke8 41.Rh6 Kf7 42.Rf6+ Ke7 43.Rh6 h4 44.Kg2 Rg3+ 45.Kh2 Re3 46.Rxh4 g3+ 47.Kg2 Rxe5 48.Kxg3 Kd6 49.Rd4+ Kc5 50.Rd8 Kc4 51.Kf4 Rd5 52.Re8 ½-½


Renard Anderson - David Wallace, Sicilian


1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 0-0 8.Qd2 Nc6 9.Bc4 Na5 10.Be2 Nd7 11.Bh6 Ne5 12.Bxg7 Kxg7 13.b3 Nac6 14.0-0-0 Qa5 15.Kb2 Qb4 16.Nd5 Qxd2 17.Rxd2 Nxd4 18.Rxd4 Nc6 19.Rd2 h5 20.Bb5 Rd8 21.Rhd1 Bd7 22.a3 a6 23.Bf1 Kf8 24.a4 Rab8 25.Nb6 Be6 26.g3 Ne5 27.Bg2 Kg7 28.h3 h4 29.f4 Nc6 30.g4 g5 31.f5 Bd7 32.Nd5 Re8 33.f6+ exf6 34.Rf1 f5 35.Nb6 Ne5 36.Nxd7 Nxd7 37.Rxf5 f6 38.Rxd6 Rbd8 39.Rfd5 Re7 40.e5 fxe5 41.Be4 Nf6 42.Rxd8 Nxe4 43.Rd3 Ng3 44.Re3 e4 45.Rd1 Rf7 46.Rde1 Rf2 47.Kc3 Kf6 48.Kd4 Rxc2 49.Rxe4 Nxe4 50.Rxe4 Rg2 ½-½


Richard Cordovano - Jim Hamblin, Slav


1.c4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.Bf4 Nc6 5.e3 Qb6 6.Nc3 e5 7.dxe5 Qxb2 8.Qc1 Ba3 9.Nxd5? (9 Nge2) 9...Qxc1+ 10.Rxc1 Bxc1 11.Nc7+ Kd8 12.Nxa8 Be6 13.Ne2 Bb2 14.Kd2 Kc8 15.Kc2 Bxe5 16.Bxe5 Nxe5 17.Nc3 Kb8 18.Nb6 axb6 19.Nb5 Nf6 and Black won in another 11 moves. 0-1


Chris Peterson - Joe Pahk, Pirc


1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Qd2 Nbd7 6.0-0-0 0-0 7.f3 a6 8.h4 Nh5 9.Bh6 e5 10.d5 Bxh6 11.Qxh6 Qf6 12.g4 Qf4+ 13.Qxf4 Nxf4 14.Nh3 Nxh3 15.Bxh3 Nf6 16.Rd3 h5 17.g5 Nh7 18.Ne2 Bxh3 19.Rxh3 f5 20.Rb3 b6 21.Rc3 Rac8 22.exf5 Rxf5 23.Ng3 Rf4 24.Ne4 Rff8 25.Kd2 Kf7 26.Rc6 Ke7 27.a4 a5 28.Ke3 Kd7 29.c4 Rf4 30.c5 bxc5 31.Ra6 Rb8 32.Rxa5 Rxb2 33.Ra8 Rb3+ 34.Kf2 Rxe4 35.Rg8 Rb2+ 36.Kg3 Ree2 37.Rh1 Rg2+ 38.Kh3 Nxg5+ 39.hxg5 Rxg5 40.Ra1 Rbg2 (Wrong rook! The a-pawn has to be stopped.) 41.a5 R5g3+ 42.Kh4 g5+ 43.Kxh5 Rxf3 44.a6 Rgg3 45.a7 Ra3 46.Rg7+ Kc8 47.a8Q+ Rxa8 48.Rxa8+ Kb7 49.Rgg8 c6 50.Rgb8+ Kc7 51.Rc8+ Kd7 52.dxc6+ Ke6 53.Re8+ Kd5 54.c7 Rh3+ 55.Kg4 1-0


Daniel Gonzales - Dante Archuleta, Reti


1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 c6 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.g3 Nc6 5.Bg2 e5 6.d3 Nf6 7.Nc3 Bc5 8.e3 0-0 9.0-0 Bg4 10.Qb3 Qd7 11.Qb5 b6 12.d4 e4 13.Nd2 a6 14.Qb3 Bb4 15.f3 Bh3 16.fxe4 Bxc3 17.bxc3 dxe4 18.Bxh3 Qxh3 19.Rxf6 gxf6 20.Nxe4 Qf5 21.Nd6 Qf3 22.Bd2 Rad8 23.Rf1 Qe2 24.Rf2 Qd3 25.Nf5 b5 26.Qd1 Kh8 27.Qg4 Rg8 28.Qh5 Rg5 29.Qf3 Na5 30.Nh4 Rd6 31.Qf4 Re6 32.Qc7 Nc4 33.Qxf7 Rxe3 34.Qxf6+ Rg7 35.Bxe3 Nxe3 36.Qf3 Qxc3 37.Qf8+ Rg8 38.Ng6+ hxg6 39.Qh6# 1-0


Jim Hamblin - Josh Bloomer, Sicilian


1.e4 c5 2.c3 g6 3.d4 cxd4 4.cxd4 d5 5.exd5 Nf6 6.Bb5+ Nbd7 7.Nc3 Bg7 8.d6 exd6 9.Qe2+ Qe7 10.Qxe7+ Kxe7 11.Bg5 Nb6 12.a4 a6 13.Be2 Be6 14.Bf3 Rab8 15.a5 Nbd7 16.d5 Bf5 17.g4 Bd3 18.Kd2 Bc4 19.Ra4 b5! 20.Ra1 Nc5 21.Re1+ Kd7 22.b4 Nd3 (attacking everything) 23.Nh3 Nxe1 24.Rxe1 Rhe8 25.Be3 Re5 26.g5 Nxd5 27.Bxd5 Bxd5 28.f4 Rf5 29.Ne2 Bg2 30.Nf2 Rc8 31.Rg1 Rd5+ 32.Ke1 Bf3 33.Rg3 Bxe2 34.Kxe2 Re8 35.Ng4 Rd4 36.Kf3 Rxb4 37.Rg1 Rb3 38.Rd1 Ra3 39.Kf2 Rxa5 40.Bc5 Ra2+ 41.Kf1 Re6 0-1


Anthony Telinbacco - Renard Anderson, Barcza


1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 0-0 5.0-0 d6 6.Nbd2 Nbd7 7.b3 e5 8.dxe5 Ng4 9.Bb2 Ngxe5 10.Rb1 Qe7 11.Re1 Nc5 12.Nxe5 dxe5 13.Ba3 Rd8 14.Qc1 f5 15.Nc4 e4 16.Rd1 Rxd1+ 17.Qxd1 Be6 18.e3 b6 19.Qe2 Rd8 20.Rd1 Rxd1+ 21.Qxd1 Qd7 22.Qxd7 Nxd7 23.Bf1 Kf7 24.Be2 Bd5 25.Kf1 a5 26.Ke1 b5 27.Nd2 b4 28.Bc1 Bc3 29.Kd1 Nb6 30.Nb1 Be5 31.Bd2 c5 32.c4 Bc6 33.Kc2 a4 34.Bc1 a3 35.Nd2 Bc3 36.Nf1 Be1 37.Kd1 Bxf2! 38.Kd2 Nd7 39.Bd1 Ne5 40.Ke2 Bg1 41.Ke1 Nf3+ 42.Bxf3 exf3 43.h3 Be4 44.Nd2 f2+ 45.Ke2 Bg2 46.h4 Ke6 47.Nf1 Bh3 48.Nd2 Bg4+ 49.Kf1 Ke5 50.Kg2 Be2 51.e4 fxe4 52.Nf1 Bxf1+ 53.Kxf1 Kd4 54.Ke2 f1Q+! 55.Kxf1 Be3 Masterfully played. 0-1


David Wallace - Randy Canney, Pirc


1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 g6 3.Nc3 d6 4.e4 Bg7 5.Qd2 c6 6.0-0-0 b5 7.f3 b4 8.Nce2 Qa5 9.Kb1 Be6 10.Nc1 Nbd7 11.Bh6 Bxh6 12.Qxh6 Qb6 13.Nge2 a5 14.Nf4 a4 15.d5 cxd5 16.exd5 Bf5 17.g4 Bxc2+ 18.Kxc2(White has an aggressively posted queen and an extra piece, but...) b3+ 19.Kb1 bxa2+ 20.Kxa2 a3 21.b3 Qe3 22.Nce2 Nc5 23.Nd4 Qc3 24.Bb5+ Nfd7 25.Rb1 Qd2+ 26.Ka1 Qxd4+ 27.Ka2 Qd2+ 28.Ka1 Qc3+ 29.Ka2 Qc2+ 30.Ka1 Nxb3+ 31.Rxb3 Qxb3 32.Rb1 Qc3+ 33.Ka2 Qc2+ 34.Ka1 a2 35.Bxd7+ Kxd7 0-1


DuWayne Langseth - Chris Peterson, QP


1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.Be2 Nc6 5.0-0 e6 6.b3 Bd6 7.dxc5 Bxc5 8.Bb2 0-0 9.Nbd2 Bd7 10.c4 Rc8 11.a3 Ne7 12.b4 Bd6 13.c5 Bb8 14.Ne5 a5 15.Ndf3 b6 16.Nxd7 Nxd7 17.Ba6 Rc6 18.Nd4 bxc5 19.Nxc6 Nxc6 20.Bb5 Bxh2+ 21.Kxh2 Qb8+ 22.Kg1 Qxb5 23.Rb1 axb4 24.axb4 Nxb4 25.Bc3 Qc4 26.Bxb4 cxb4 27.Qa4 Nc5 28.Qxb4 Qxb4 29.Rxb4 Nd3 (Now this knight takes over the game.) 30.Rb5 g6 31.f4 Rc8 32.Rb3 Nc1 33.Ra3 Rc2 34.Rf2 Ne2+ 35.Kh2 Kg7 36.g4 Rc3 37.Ra2 Nc1 38.Rac2 Nd3 39.Rfd2 Ne1 40.Rxc3 Nf3+ 41.Kh3 Nxd2 42.g5 h5 43.gxh6+ Kxh6 ½-½


Larry Wutt - Dean Brown, Pirc


1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Bg5 Bg7 4.Nbd2 0-0 5.e4 d6 6.Bd3 b6 7.Qe2 Nbd7 8.h4 h5 9.0-0-0 Kh7 10.Nh2 Bh6 11.f4 Bxg5 12.hxg5 Ne8 13.e5 e6 14.Qxh5+ (Oops!) 14...Kg8 15.Qh6 1-0


Josh Bloomer - Renard Anderson, Sicilian


1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ Nd7 4.d4 Ngf6 5.Nc3 cxd4 6.Qxd4 e5 7.Qd3 h6 8.Be3 Qc7 9.Bc4 a6 10.a4 Nc5 11.Bxc5 Qxc5 12.0-0 Be6 13.Nd2 Rc8 14.Bxe6 fxe6 15.Qh3 Kf7 16.Nb3 Qc6 17.f4 h5 18.Kh1 Be7 19.a5 exf4 20.Rxf4 g5 21.Rf2 g4 22.Qh4 Kg6 23.Raf1 Rcf8 24.Qg3 Qc4 25.Nd2 Qd4 26.Nf3 Qc4 27.e5 Ne4 28.Nxe4 Qxe4 29.Re1 Qf5 30.exd6 Bf6 31.Ne5+ Bxe5 32.Rxf5 Bxg3 33.Rxf8 Rxf8 34.hxg3 e5 35.Rxe5 Rf1+ 36.Kh2 Rd1 37.Re7 Rxd6 38.Rxb7 Rd2 39.Rb6+ Kg5 40.Rxa6 h4 41.gxh4+ Kxh4 (threatening mate in 2) 42.Rh6+ Kg5 43.Rh8 Rxc2 44.a6 1-0


Randy Canney - Jim Hamblin, Catalan


1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.Nc3 e6 5.g3 dxc4 6.Bg2 b5 7.0-0 Bb7 8.Ne5 Qb6 9.e4 Nfd7 10.Ng4 Na6 11.a4 h5 12.axb5 cxb5 13.Ne3 0-0-0 14.b3 Ne5 15.Nxb5 Qxb5 16.bxc4 Qc6 17.Bb2 Kb8 18.Qe2 Nd7 19.Rfb1 Qc7 20.Bc3 Kc8 21.Ba5 Nb6 22.c5 Nxc5 23.dxc5 Bxc5 24.Rc1 Kb8 25.Bb4 Nd7 26.Rab1 Qe5 27.Bxc5 Nxc5 28.Qb5 A game of many pins. Again, Randy gets great play for his sacrificed piece. 1-0


Comments From The Guest Book


Martin Deschner, denver CO USA, Wednesday April 12, 2006 23:29:41 GMT


Experts and Masters are very touchy about their ratings! Once, 5-time Denver Champ Todd Bardwick's rating sank to 2,175--25 points below Master. I jokingly called him an "Almost Master." Todd was furious! He insisted that pending results would push him back over the top. They did. Be very careful what you say! Ha Ha...Martin Deschner in Denver


[Comment is about this newsletter: (]


Liz Wood, Pueblo CO USA, Tuesday April 04, 2006 18:59:22 GMT


Just FYI, the Pueblo Chess Club meets three times a week, from ca. 7:00 - 10:00pm: on Monday, at Barnes & Noble, just off I-25; on Tuesday, at Wire Works Coffee House, 100 Broadway; and on Thursday, also at the Wire Works (if enough people and/or interest, we have a blitz round robin, on Thursdays only. The other nights are drop by and pick up a game...and sometimes a lesson from Chris Clevenger. For more information, call me at 719-566-6929.


Upcoming Events


4/18 By popular demand: Bughouse tournament!, CSCC

4/22 DCC Spring Mini Event, DCC

4/25 Ladder games, CSCC

4/29-30 Utah Quick Chess, Bughouse and Random Chess Championships, CSCA

5/2 Speed tournament, CSCC

5/6-7 2006 Wyoming Open, CSCA


Colorado Springs Chess Club: CSCC (

Denver Chess Club: DCC (

Colorado State Chess Association: CSCA (

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