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Good Old Days

Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Game Of The Week

I wasn’t feeling too well these past couple of days and thought about bagging the newsletter for this week. But, in between my countless trips to the restroom, I saw a show called Drive Thru History about the dedication of the Persian equivalent of the Pony Express riders:

“There is nothing in the world that travels faster than these Persian couriers. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness of night prevents them from accomplishing the task proposed to them with the very utmost speed.” (Herodotus)

But inspiration is a fleeting thing, so I decided to keep things simple and stick with the same format as last week. I chose another win of mine that was an upset in Pueblo in the year 1998.

Pueblo has been berry, berry good to me; I only played there 3 times winning 2nd place twice and 1st place once with 2 of my top ten upsets coming there. This game is from the time I tied for 1st place.


Good Old Days

[Event "Pueblo September"]

[Site ""]

[Date "1998.09.26"]

[Round "3.3"]

[White "Bihlmeyer, Joe"]

[Black "Anderson, Paul"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "D11"]

[WhiteElo "1800"]

[BlackElo "1597"]

[PlyCount "68"]

[EventDate "1998.09.26"]


1. d4 c6 2. c4 d5 3. Nf3 Bf5 4. Nc3 e6 5. a4 Nf6 6. Qb3 Qc7 7. g3 Nbd7 8. Bg2

Qb6 9. Qxb6 Nxb6 10. cxd5 Nbxd5 11. O-O Bb4 12. Bd2 O-O 13. Nxd5 Nxd5 14. Bxb4

Nxb4 15. Ne5 h6 16. e4 Bh7 17. f4 a5 18. g4 f5 19. exf5 exf5 20. h3 Rad8 21.

Rad1 fxg4 22. hxg4 Nc2 23. Rd2 Nxd4 24. Kh2 Ne6 25. Rdf2 Bd3 26. Nxd3 Rxd3 27.

Be4 Rd4 28. Bf5 Nc5 29. Re1 Rfd8 30. Re7 Kf8 31. Rc7 Rd2 32. Rxd2 Rxd2+ 33. Kg3

Rxb2 34. g5 hxg5 0-1


This Week In Chess

Tuesday May 2, 2006

On April 25, the CSCC had 23 members in attendance. In the USCF-rated ladder games (G90), Jason Check chopped down Paul Anderson, Dean Brown brutalized Tom Mullikin, and Joe Pahk pancaked Jerry Maier.

The rest of the participants were paired into ladder matches (G15). Members play a one or two game match against someone just above or below in rating. Virgil McGuire posted the best performance this night. Here are the results:


Player Win Loss %


Virgil McGuire 3.0 0.0 100%


Bill Whinemiller 2.0 0.0 100%


Chris McCarty 3.0 1.0 75%


Mike Voight 3.0 1.0 75%


Kathy Schneider 3.0 1.0 75%


Gary Frenzel 1.0 1.0 50%


Chris Wynkoop 1.0 1.0 50%


Philip Meyer 1.0 2.0 33%


Paul Christensen 1.0 3.0 25%


Horst Wolf 1.0 3.0 25%


Joe Fromme 0.0 2.0 0%


Renae Delaware 0.0 2.0 0%


Jenna Bloomer 0.0 2.0 0%

Comments From Email

Brian Wall, Saturday, October 15, 2005 4:36 PM


I just reread 500 messages...I enjoy your newsletter best of all...It's the humor.


Robert Farley, Thursday, August 25, 2005 4:29 PM


Just wanted to say thanks for your time and efforts.


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5/6-7 2006 Wyoming Open, CSCA

5/9 Paul’s G/20 tournament - 3-SS, CSCC

5/16 G/15, 4 rounds. Lowest rated picks opponents, CSCC

6/10-11 Southern Colorado Open, CSCA

7/22-23 2006 Kansas Open, CSCA


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