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Deja Vu

Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Game Of The Week


This weekend I played in the Southern Colorado Open, and yes, Renae did see me there. Since she had a good tournament, winning 2nd place in the reserve section, I asked her if she had a good win to replace the one I rejected. She said she would send me one, but I haven’t gotten anything as of yet.

It is possible that she is mad at me since I made fun of her almost winning the class D prize. I don’t know how she has managed to keep her rating under 1400, but I think she has weaseled a cap into her rating calculations so she can take home those lucrative class D prizes. I think her current rating is 1399.999999999.

Oh, that reminds me of a joke. How many light bulbs does a 1300 need to fix a light?

Four, because they usually drop 3 without any compensation!

Ok, sorry about that, but I couldn’t contain myself.

And now, something completely different. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?

Well, this weekend’s tournament was like that for me. In the second round, I lost to Pete Karagianis because I got passive in my attack, went into defense mode, and crumbled under his time pressure. He finished with 25 seconds on his clock. Afterwards, Brian Wall chided me for not playing g4 instead of castling, but I thought, “Well Brian, I don’t have a time machine so it doesn’t matter now.”

Three rounds later, I found myself in the exact same position ten moves into the game! I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I was going to overcompensate and make an even worse one, but if you follow the variation on move ten you can see how it turned out for me.


Deja Vu


[Event "Southern Colorado Open"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2006.06.10"]

[Round "2.3"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "Karagianis, Pete"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "E11"]

[WhiteElo "1820"]

[BlackElo "2200"]

[PlyCount "112"]

[EventDate "2006.06.10"]


1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ 4. Bd2 Qe7 5. e3 Nc6 6. Bd3 Bxd2+ 7. Nbxd2 d6 8.

a3 a5 9. Qc2 O-O 10. Ng5 h6 11. h4 e5 12. d5 Nb8 13. Bh7+ Kh8 14. Bd3 Na6 15.

f3 Nc5 16. O-O-O c6 17. Be4 Nfxe4 18. Ngxe4 Nxe4 19. Qxe4 f5 20. Qd3 cxd5 21.

Qxd5 Be6 22. Qd3 Rac8 23. Kb1 Rc6 24. Rc1 Rfc8 25. Rc3 Qf7 26. Rhc1 a4 27. e4

Qg6 28. Qe2 Qf6 29. g3 Bg8 30. Ka1 f4 31. Qg2 Qf7 32. gxf4 exf4 33. Kb1 b5 34.

Qe2 bxc4 35. Qd1 Qa7 36. Ka1 Qa6 37. Nb1 Qb5 38. R1c2 d5 39. Qd4 Qc5 40. Qxc5

Rxc5 41. exd5 Rxd5 42. Rd2 Re5 43. Rc1 Re3 44. Rf2 Rd8 45. Nc3 Rdd3 46. Rcf1

Bd5 47. Nxd5 Rxd5 48. Rc1 Rd4 49. Ka2 Kg8 50. Rg1 Kf8 51. Rg4 c3 52. bxc3 Rxc3

53. Rb2 Rxf3 54. Rb8+ Kf7 55. Rb7+ Kf6 56. Rgxg7 Rd2+ 0-1


This Week In Chess

Tuesday June 13, 2006


On June 6, the CSCC had 20 members in attendance. In the USCF-rated ladder game (G90), Jerry “the mouse” Maier manhandled Tom “the cat” Mullikin.

The rest of the participants played in a single, round robin blitz tournament (G5). Here are the results:


Player, Score


Paul Anderson 10.5


Bill Whinemiller 10.0


Buck Buchanan 9.5


Chris Nord 9.0


Gerry Sunderland 9.0


Joe Pahk 7.5


Virgil McGuire 6.0


Charles Martin 5.0


Steve Jumper 4.0


Kathy Schneider 2.5


Horst Wolf 2.0


Gary Frenzel 1.0


Lee Meredith 1.0


Southern Colorado Open Prizes


On June 10th and 11th, the Southern Colorado Open was held in Manitou Springs. Tyler Hughes took 1st in the open section, and Ann Davies won the reserve section. Here are the rest of the prizes:


Player, Prize, $, Score


Open Section


Tyler Hughes 1st $250 5.5


Philip Ponomarev 2nd $125 5.0


Brian Wall 2nd $125 5.0


Samik Dasgupta A $100 4.0


Laurence Wutt B $50 3.0


Gary Bagstad B $50 3.0


Norbert Martinez U1600 $100 3.5


Reserve Section


Ann Davies 1st $200 5.5


Renae Delaware 2nd $100 4.5


Joey Evoniuk D $100 4.0


Houng Lim E $50 4.0


Kyle Leeds Tilley E $50 4.0


Ken Johnson U1100 $50 2.0


Kathy Schneider U1100 $50 2.0


Lost but not forgotten chess board...

By Josh "JD" Smith


A couple of years ago I drove 10-12 hours to personally deliver a chessboard to Mr. Bloomer so that he could get autographs at the HB Global. At the last minute he ended up flying to the tournament leaving the chessboard behind. I have been unable to make it back to the Springs since that time and was wondering if there were any willing friends in the chess community that could help return the board to me. I was thinking that if anyone was planning on driving down to the National Open I could meet them there. I would be happy to compensate them $50 for the safe return of this board. It means a lot to me and should be wrapped in a blanket to avoid bumps and scratches.


Comments From Email


Randy & Teyana Reynolds, Tuesday, June 06, 2006 5:55 PM


“But I remembered a quote from the last Colorado Chess Informant, “A bad plan is better than none at all” (Frank Marshall).” Wow, someone really DOES read my useless Informant filler! Yay!! J


[Comments are about this newsletter: (]


Rejected Game Of The Week


This week I received a couple of games from people. I always like to reward those people who give me their games by publishing them right away but sometimes that just doesn't work out. One of the games I received this week didn't get entered into Fritz (because I forgot about it) and the other one was published by Brian Wall before I could get to it. But just in case you don't get Brian Wall's emails, here it is:


"Hey Paul! I'm sure you're thinking, "it's about time I hear from her!" I know, I know..... I just haven't had any games worth publishing that Brian hasn't used. SO.... here it is. My Tuesday night win over Larry Wutt. To his defense, he'd had a long day. We both didn't want to stick around for all the games of the speed, so we decided we'd play a non-rated game 30/5 delay. I stopped keeping score at move 42, so I guessed the rest of the game. I knew I had a won game, had 5 minutes to think about the best route, and didn't want to lose on time, so I played the way I knew I couldn't lose. :-) You know that feeling! Anyway, here's the game. Have a good week! I'll be playing this weekend, so if you're there, I'll see you!Renae"


Larry,W (1700) - Renae,D (1400) [E94]CSCC G30/5sec, 06.06.2006


1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 Nbd7 7.0-0 e5 8.d5 a5 9.Bg5 Nc5 10.Nd2 Qe8 11.Nb5 Qd7 12.Bxf6 Bxf6 13.Nc3 Bg5 14.Nf3 Bf4 15.g3 Bh6 16.h4 f5 17.exf5 Qxf5 18.Nh2 Bd7 19.Bg4 Qf7 20.Bxd7 Qxd7 21.h5 Qh3 22.hxg6 hxg6 23.Qc2 Kg7 24.Ne2 Rh8 25.f4 Bxf4 26.Nxf4 Qxg3+ 27.Kh1 exf4 28.Rae1 Rae8 29.Rxe8 Rxe8 30.Qd2 Qe3 31.Qd1 Ne4 32.Ng4 Rh8+ 33.Nh2 Rxh2+ 34.Kxh2 Qg3+ 35.Kh1 Nf2+ 36.Rxf2 Qxf2 37.Qc1 Qf3+ 38.Kg1 Qg3+ 39.Kf1 f3 40.Qc3+ Kh6 41.Qd2+ g5 42.a3 Qh3+ 43.Kg1 Qg3+ 44.Kh1 Kh5 45.b4 Kh4 46.c5 Kh3 47.cxd6 f2 0-1


Upcoming Events


6/13 & 6/20 June Mating Games tournament: 4-SS, G/30, USCF rated, $5 entry fee, CSCC

6/27 Team tournament: 4-SS, G/15, 2 players on a team, sum of club ratings < 3400, CSCC

7/1 & 7/8 Denver Open, DCC

7/22-23 2006 Kansas Open, CSCA

8/5-6 Pikes Peak Open, CSCA

10/14-15 Larimer County Open, CSCA


Colorado Springs Chess Club: CSCC (

Denver Chess Club: DCC (

Colorado State Chess Association: CSCA (

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