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Just A Game

Posted by Matthew Anderson on February 20, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Game Of The Week

This week’s game comes from the June Mating Games Tournament that was held at the CSCC the past two weeks.

The first week, I showed up late and Virgil McGuire says to me, as I walk in the door, “I have started your clock already.” I scrambled to his board, which is always set up in the same place and always early, for longer than I have been coming to the chess club.

But Virgil is a closet comic. The pairings hadn’t even been made yet. He was also the one who won the naming contest for this tournament, although this year someone has added an “s” on the end.

After the first week, only Virgil and I had 2 points, and we knew we’d meet in the third round next week. I warned him, “Don’t start my clock early!”

This meeting was going to be our 40th (only one behind my record-holder for most rated games played against, Jeff Fox (41)) and a similar situation to the 2004 June Mating Game.

In 2004, again we were the only ones to make it through the first two rounds with 2 points ( We weren’t paired that year, and Virgil ended up with 2 points but held on for part of 2nd place.

I managed to change my fate a bit by winning both games this year (my third time winning this tournament outright and my second time finishing a USCF-rated, Swiss tournament with all wins). I also added to my record for most points against one opponent in rated play (27), which just happens to be Virgil, ahead of Jeff Fox (20) and Dean Brown (19).

But I should have stayed at 26. Virgil was crushing me. Everyone, who saw the game, kept asking me, “How did you win that one?” I told them my secret was that my MP3 player was on the right song: “Just A Game.”

As my frustration with my mistakes grew, the song kept whispering in my ears:

“It’s just a game; you’re in it all the way. It’s just a game; don’t let yourself slip away. It’s such a shame, I heard somebody say. It’s just a game; and all I can do is play.” (R. Emmett)

The next thing I knew, Virgil was tipping over his king. Of course, just like the slave who whispers, “All glory is fleeting” to the conquering general during his triumph, my MP3 player’s next song was “Just Got Lucky”.


Just A Game

[Event "June Mating Game"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2006.06.20"]

[Round "3.1"]

[White "Anderson, Paul"]

[Black "McGuire, Virgil"]

[Result "1-0"]

[ECO "D53"]

[WhiteElo "1820"]

[BlackElo "1622"]

[PlyCount "119"]

[EventDate "2006.06.13"]


1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Be7 5. Nc3 O-O 6. Qc2 h6 7. h4 Nc6 8. a3

dxc4 9. O-O-O a6 10. e4 b5 11. d5 exd5 12. Nxd5 Bd7 13. Kb1 hxg5 14. hxg5 Nxd5

15. exd5 g6 16. dxc6 Bf5 17. Rxd8 Bxc2+ 18. Kxc2 Rfxd8 19. g3 Rd6 20. Bg2 Rad8

21. Re1 Bf8 22. Ne5 Rd2+ 23. Kc3 Rxf2 24. Bh3 Bg7 25. Bd7 Rf3+ 26. Kb4 Rxg3 27.

Ka5 Rxg5 28. Nf3 Rd5 29. Kxa6 R5xd7 30. cxd7 Rxd7 31. Kxb5 Bxb2 32. a4 c3 33.

Re2 Kg7 34. a5 Rd5+ 35. Kb4 c6 36. Rc2 f5 37. a6 Rb5+ 38. Ka4 Rb8 39. Nd4 Ra8

40. Ka5 c5 41. Ne6+ Kf6 42. Nc7 Ra7 43. Kb6 Rxa6+ 44. Nxa6 c4 45. Kc5 f4 46.

Kd4 Kf5 47. Nc5 g5 48. Ne4 g4 49. Nd6+ Kg5 50. Ke4 Ba3 51. Nxc4 Bc5 52. Rxc3 f3

53. Rc1 f2 54. Ne3 g3 55. Rxc5+ Kh4 56. Rc1 Kh3 57. Kf3 Kh2 58. Rf1 g2 59. Nxg2

Kh3 60. Rh1# 1-0


This Week In Chess

Tuesday June 27, 2006

On June 20, the CSCC had 15 members in attendance. The main event was the conclusion of the two-week, USCF-rated June Mating Games Tournament (4SS, G30). I took home the top prize with Dan St. John showing up for just the 2nd week and claiming the 2nd place money. Here are the final results:


Player Score Place $


Paul Anderson 4.0 1st $25.00


Dan St. John 2.5 2nd $10.00


Virgil McGuire 2.0


Joe Pahk 2.0 U1400 $5.00


Tikila Nichols 2.0 U1400 $5.00


Dean Brown 1.5


Fred Eric Spell 1.5


Charles Martin 1.0


Kathy Schneider 1.0


Jason Check 1.0


Tom Mullikin 0.0

SCO 2006 Results

By Dean Brown

Player Score


Hughes, Tyler 5.5


Wall, Brian D 5.0


Ponomarev, Philipp 5.0


Anderson, Renard 4.0


Dasgupta, Samik 4.0


Karagianis, Peter 3.5


Barlay, Imre 3.5


Martinez, Norbert 3.5


Anderson, Paul D 3.5


Abresch, Martin 3.0


Telinbacco, Tony 3.0


Wutt, Laurence R 3.0


Bagstad, Gary L 3.0


Zupa, Daoud G 2.5


Zax, Jacob M 2.5


Divine, Josh 2.5


Fromme, Joseph T 2.5


Presicci, Manny R 2.5


Wentz, Mickey R 2.5


Krutkramelis, K 2.0


Sunderland, Gerard 1.5


Stark, Nathan A 1.5


Sotaridona, L 1.5


Carson, Anthea J 1.0


Reserve Section


Davies, Ann 5.5


Delaware, Renae 4.5


Leeds-Tilley, Kyle 4.0


Evoniuk, Joey 4.0


Lim, Hoang U 4.0


Varghese, Vibi 3.0


Kullback, Brendan 3.0


Igoe, Michael A 3.0


Lahti, Lee F 3.0


Zing, Robert 2.5


Kullback, Paul 2.5


Frenzel, Gary G 2.5


Mullikin, Thomas 2.5


Pahk, Joseph H 2.5


Spell, Fred Eric 2.0


Maier, Gerald J 2.0


Schneider, Kathy 2.0


Johnson, Ken 2.0

Comments From Email

Danny Diekman, Sunday, June 18, 2006 6:15 PM


Happy fathers day to all the Dads


Grochowski, Robin J., Monday, June 19, 2006 10:34 AM


We (myself and my son Andrew) should be in the Colorado Springs area by the 27th and hope to play in the 6/27 Team tournament: 4-SS, G/15, 2 players on a team, sum of club ratings < 3400, CSCC


Josh "JD" Smith, Monday, June 19, 2006 2:05 PM


I got to chat with Pete for a little bit during the National Open. We sat next to each other a few times during the blitz tournament. It was way too strong for me. I finished something like 20/32 and was pretty much the lowest rated player! I did beat IM Anthony Saidy and had a 2147 performance rating though


Brian Wall, Thornton CO USA, Tuesday June 20, 2006 02:58:52 GMT


As you know I love your newsletter so much I post it to my Taom list and my Yahoo group. I always look forward to it and mourn football season which takes you away from us. Chess is a cruel game - someone usually loses and our job is to point out why. Chess writing is almost synonymous with Black Humor, no matter how much we try to sugarcoat it.


I think I most look forward to the cruelty, that's the funniest to me because Chess is simply a brutal game and we all have to adjust to that. I think a lot more people could write about Chess - if they would only try, they would immediately succeed.


As you know our efforts get very few responses. I know hundreds of people read our stuff and enjoy it (I have to believe that to keep going) but for some reason very few respond in any way. In my case, I haven't met in person half the people I write to and that may inhibit them. As you have expressed before, Thank God for Tim Brennan, who usually manages some response if we hit a home run.


I have seen Renae Delaware laugh long and hard and uncontrollably at some of your teasing newsletters so I want to assure you that you hit the mark perfectly sometimes. The last big laugh she had was the 1300-lightbulb joke about dropping 3 light bulbs without compensation, knowing she had just dropped 3 pieces for no reason after launching a double-Fishing Pole attack on both sides of the board against Brandon Kullback, Round 3, 2006 Southern Colorado Open. Each email I do is really an inside joke with one person which I share with the world. Yours are like that too. Keep up the good work, my email brotherman.


Brian Wall 2006 Wyoming Open trophy winner


[Comment is about this newsletter: (]


Upcoming Events

6/27 Team tournament: 4-SS, G/15, 2 players on a team, sum of club ratings < 3400, CSCC

7/1 & 7/8 Denver Open, DCC

7/4 Speed tournament (possibly), CSCC

7/22-23 2006 Kansas Open, CSCA

8/5-6 Pikes Peak Open, CSCA

10/14-15 Larimer County Open, CSCA


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