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Paul Vs Paul

Posted by Paul Anderson on March 3, 2012 at 10:20 PM

Game Of The Week


This week's game comes from the February Panera tournament.  It was a 5-round, Swiss tournament with one game per week for the 5 Wednesdays in February.  It is such a rare occurrence because you have to have a leap day on a Wednesday for it to work.  The next time it will happen is 2040.  So, I decided to test out chess playing on Wednesday nights.  It turned out great for me going 5 for 5 and gaining 30 rating points.

My final round opponent was Paul Covington.  We played once before in a USCF-rated event back in 2008 when I was 1945, and he was 1906.  He won a hard fought game threatening to promote a pawn when I resigned on move 58.  This time was eerily similar.  I was 1968, and he was 1921.  He resigned on move 63 just before I promoted a pawn.


It was the kind of game I really enjoy:  Winning a drawn endgame with a one pawn advantage. 

Usually, I go by the mantra that you need a 2-pawn advantage to win a game, but when you can't get that second pawn, you just have to figure out some way to get that little lamb to the promised land. 

I was a game up on the field so a draw or a win sealed the tournament for me.  I think Paul needed a win for any money so he pushed harder passing up a couple of easier drawing lines.  But with 2 chess players so similar in style, the difference in the game was going be as close as our first names.


Paul Vs Paul


[Event "February Panera"]

[Site ""]

[Date "2012.02.29"]

[Round "5.1"]

[White "Covington, Paul"]

[Black "Anderson, Paul"]

[Result "0-1"]

[ECO "A40"]

[PlyCount "126"]

[EventDate "2012.02.01"]

[TimeControl "5400"]


1. d4 c6 2. Nf3 g6 3. e3 Bg7 4. Be2 d5 5. O-O Bg4 6.

b3 Nh6 7. Bb2 O-O 8. c4 e6 9. Nbd2 Nd7 10. e4 dxe4 11. Nxe4 Nf5 12. Rb1 Bxf3

13. Bxf3 Nb6 14. Nc5 Rb8 15. d5 Bxb2 16. Rxb2 cxd5 17. cxd5 Nxd5 18. Bxd5 exd5

19. Rd2 Ne7 20. Ne4 Qb6 21. Nc3 Qa5 22. Re1 Qxc3 23. Rxe7 Rfd8 24. Re3 Qa5 25.

Red3 Rd7 26. h4 Rbd8 27. h5 Qc5 28. h6 d4 29. Re2 Kf8 30. Qd2 Re7 31. Rxe7 Kxe7

32. Qf4 Rd7 33. Rd1 Qd6 34. Qe4+ Kd8 35. Re1 Re7 36. Qh4 d3 37. Rxe7 Qxe7 38.

Qd4+ Qd7 39. Qh8+ Kc7 40. Qc3+ Kb8 41. Qe5+ Qc7 42. Qe8+ Qc8 43. Qe5+ Ka8 44.

Qe3 Qd8 45. Qd2 Qd4 46. g3 a6 47. Kg2 f5 48. f4 Qe4+ 49. Kf2 Kb8 50. Qe3 Kc7

51. g4 Kc6 52. gxf5 gxf5 53. Qc1+ Kd5 54. Qd2 b5 55. a4 b4 56. a5 Qe2+ 57. Qxe2

dxe2 58. Kxe2 Ke4 59. Kd2 Kxf4 60. Kd3 Kg3 61. Kc4 f4 62. Kxb4 f3 63. Kc5 f2



This Week In Chess


On February 28th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its first Something Different event, a chance for members to pick the evening's event.  Most members opted for skittles games.

2012 Colorado Closed

By Paul Covington

This is the list of players rated above 2000 who qualified for this year's Colorado Closed.  The requirements are listed on the website.  The updates to this list are on the website:

Questions: email [email protected]

Name, Rating, Invited, Accepted, USCF, CSCA, Reponse/Board

Renard Anderson 2256 Y N Y N Declined

Randy Canney 2252 Y N Y Y c/n play this year

Brian Wall 2201 Y Y Y Y Closed /Board # 1

Francisco Salesa de Greus 2186 Y N Y N Declined

Robert Ramirez 2144 Y C 3/21/12 Y Conditional

Robert Fordon 2130 Y Y Y N  

Kevin Seidler 2129 Y Y Y Y  

Eric Montany 2124 Y Y Y Y  

Mitesh Shridhar 2122 Y N Y N moving to Texas

Richard Herbst 2120 Y N 2/29/12 N at college- Duke

Zachary Bekkedahl 2099 Y Y Y Y Challenger/Board #

David Hartsook 2091 Y N Y Y Declined

Nino Neilson 2074 Y Y 1/31/12 Y  

Damian Nash 2057 Y Y Y Y  

Dmityr Mozdyniewicz 2047     Y Y  

Mark Schlagenhauf 2030 Y Y Y Y Alternate #?

Avinaya Subedi 2021 Y N Y Y Declined

Daoud Zupa 2017 Y Y Y Y Alternate #?

Joshua Jex 2006 Y Y Y Y  

Jackson Chen 2002 Y Y Y Y  

Paul Anderson 2000 Y Y Y Y Alternate #?

Richard "Buck" Buchanan 2000 Y N Y Y Declined

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Reply Ray Fourzan
1:31 PM on March 4, 2012 
What city is Mitesh moving to in Texas?